Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Through the Chain Link Fence {Games 1-3}

Through the chain link fence…
I melt.
I absolutely melt into a puddle as I watch my sweet boy play his very first season of teeball.
Something about it just about sends me over the edge…in a good way.
The pants.
The hat.
The WAY too big jersey.
It’s all a bit too much…once again, in a good way.

And, on Saturday, March 24th, we got up early to head to opening ceremonies. Since it was the day after Q’s party, he had QUITE the cheering section.

Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 229
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 233
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 235

We watched as our sweet teeball star was announced with his team, The Royal Bobcats! He was too cute for words. We were so proud of him as we watched him stand with his team and dance to the music as the high school dance team did their thing. We had a feeling it was going to be a fun first season.
Slickpaw's Camera Q's 5th 181Slickpaw's Camera Q's 5th 183Slickpaw's Camera Q's 5th 198

Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 247
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 250

And, as soon as the ceremony was over…and the commissioner reminded us that, at the end of the game, the sweet boys JUST want praise and approval from their Mommies and Daddies…we headed to another field so that he could get ready for his VERY first game.

He was excited!!! And, so was this Baseball Momma!

Through the chain link fence, I saw…
the first game line up…
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 258
and a darling boy waiting to bat as he held his Daddy’s hand.
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 261

I saw his very first hit…
Slickpaw's Camera Q's 5th 231
…and the second… {which included him classically carrying his bat ALL the way to second base! bless!}
Slickpaw's Camera Q's 5th 246
I saw the cutest #5 boogy-ing to a song in his head…
{And, if I had to guess, the song was “Swing Batta Batta” by Trace Adkins…and the words coming out of his mouth were “Shake your hiney like a bay-beh!” …don’t ask! We have NO idea!!? lol.} 
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 266Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 267
Through the chain link fence, I saw…
…the classic dirt kick…
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 271Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 272
…and the serious ponder of a TRUE baseball star.
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 276
I saw some serious coaching by the most handsome third base coach you’ve ever seen…
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 277
And, I saw someone that was SO stinkin’ proud of himself! Slickpaw's Camera Q's 5th 264Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 294

And, to top off all of that cuteness, on THIS side of the chain link fence, I got to watch a baby brother that could not have been more proud of his Bubba. He’d cheer…and clap! Oh how he looks up to Quinn and wishes he could be out on the field with him.
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 297As soon as the game was over, that darling #5 ran into his daddy’s arms! And, that Daddy told him over and over again how proud he was of his little dude. Q was so proud of his dirty pants…he told us that it meant that he worked hard! Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 298
Q's 5th Birthday and MORE 299It was a perfect first game. And, he had a GREAT time…which is OBVIOUSLY the MOST important thing! So proud and excited for #5 on the Royal Bobcats! beginning of April 008

Then, the next Saturday, March 31st, he had his second game. This one was HOT! But, Q did great. He hit the ball so great each time he was up to bat…and fielded the ball great too. Our after game snowcone tradition began after this game…we were all excited for something to cool us off.
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beginning of April 025
By far, my favorite memory from game #2 was after Q “made a run” and he immediately ran over to give his brother a high five through the fence. beginning of April 028

And, game #3…April 7th…
It was a beautiful day for baseball! And, I love watching Q and his Daddy in the dugout and on the field.
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Slickpaw's Easter 014

It’s going to be a fun Spring…cheering on the most precious teeball player that ever lived!!!
Go Royal Bobcats!!!

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