Monday, April 16, 2012

ThePoeFam’s 1st Crawfish Boil

On Saturday night, thePoeFam had the fun pleasure of attending our very first Crawfish Boil with true Louisianans! (is that what they’re called?!) None of us were quite sure what to expect…

When we arrived at the Wilson’s home, all of the kids were playing with all of the squirmy little guys. It seemed sad that in moments they would be our dinner. Q and Nash were apprehensive and a little freaked out…but oh so intrigued.

And, after the crawfish were cooked, they both got brave. ALL of us really enjoyed eating them (Q ate no less than 10!) and, then, Q was a little more brave to play with the ones that were kept as “pets!”

It was such a fun experience to have as a family with friends…SO many laughs!!! And hopefully our first of many crawfish boils! Thank you, Wilson family, for letting us join your fun tradition! Crawfish 023
Crawfish 024

Crawfish 022
 Crawfish 025

Crawfish 026

Crawfish 031

Crawfish 033

Crawfish 037
 Crawfish 040

Crawfish 038

Crawfish 043
 Crawfish 057

Crawfish 046

Crawfish 049Crawfish 053Crawfish 054

Crawfish 058

Crawfish 063

Crawfish 068
Crawfish 075

Crawfish 080
Crawfish 082

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Unknown said...

Don’t have much to say these photos just say it all that it was a pure fan… Oh I’m starving crawfish!!!