Thursday, April 12, 2012

T. Double O. T!

When you look up the word “stinker” in the dictionary, you see this face.
Nash is SUCH. A. LITTLE. T double O T.
April 7-10 007 April 7-10 008
He won’t let me get ANYTHING done.
He wants to be held.
He fusses.
He wants “nacks” ALL. OF. THE. TIME!
He messes with his brother’s toys.
He’s strong willed.
He knows the buttons to push with his big brother.
He throws things that he shouldn’t.
He wants to be outside.
He STILL fusses in the car the majority of the time.
He’s a bit like a bull in a china cabinet + Pigpen from Charlie Brown.
He’s BY FAR the most ornery for his Momma.
His favorite word is “no!”

But, I recently read this…
“Remember, the things that might aggravate you about your child today might be the very things (when matured) that make them great for God’s kingdom.”

It made me think. First, don’t get me wrong…I ADORE this boy! As much as he tries my patience, he melts my heart. There’s no doubt that he loves his Momma and we are starting to see SUCH compassion come from his little 21 month old self.

But, that long list of things that make me wonder if we’ll EVER be ready to have a 3rd baby, may be the exact list of things that make our Nasher a huge success. His determination, strong will and persistence will, more than likely, be the things that God uses in Nash to further His kingdom.

So, for now, I’ll take a deep breath…and pray for patience…
and also that God use ALL of Nash’s crazy ways for good! I can’t wait to see the man he becomes.  April 7-10 010
April 7-10 012

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Meg said...

nash is SOOOO my 2.5 year old liam!! he pushes me to my limits every day & is the most bull-headed little boy i have ever met!! i have read before & totally agree that these characteristics are what one day will make them strong leaders & on fire for the Lord & i take solace in that!! also, i was also recently reading that God uses these strong-willed babies of ours to make us mamas more like HIM...developing us & making us more Christ-like. take heart, mama, & go munch on those darling chubby cheeks!! (my liam is even a little linebacker like nash!!) also, i have totally wanted a 4th baby but am at the point i cannot THINK about it with all our current chaos....xo!