Monday, February 20, 2012

Weird Weekend 2012

Dnow 2012 029This past weekend, my husband put together an AMAZING D-now weekend at our new church. Considering we have only been here 5 months, and considering the youth group attendance was under 20 when we arrived, I could not be MORE proud of what he has accomplished. God is doing BIG things through him…It is SO very obvious that he is right back where he’s meant to be. And, we are so grateful for the countless families that love and appreciate our little PoeFam. photo
{Some of the amazing leaders/ex-students/friends that helped out…}
Dnow 2012 023

Dnow 2012 024Dnow 2012 027Dnow 2012 028
Dnow 2012 033Dnow 2012 034Dnow 2012 035
{It’s a shame they’re shy!!…}
Dnow 2012 036Dnow 2012 040

Dnow 2012 047Dnow 2012 050

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