Thursday, February 16, 2012


Thirty-two. It’s a good year. It’s not a monumental birthday, but it’s an easy age to turn! And, MERCY, I’m happy at 32. Look at the blessings that surround me!!!

And, when I woke up on February 11th, I had surprises galore. My husband and parents outdid themselves! I had already gotten TONS of new work out stuff…and then I had so many fun things to open!! (My favorites were for sure my pink Caboodles that my husband felt I MUST have…and Twilight…it came out on my birthday…so, Matt got up early and got it for me!! What a guy!!)
I'm 32! 013  I'm 32! 015I'm 32! 016  I'm 32! 017S
Some early mornin’ birthday lovin’ over donuts…
Slickpaw's Feb 2012 013 Slickpaw's Feb 2012 017
Then, we got ready and headed out to do a little shopping and have an early lunch. And, we ran into DeMarcus Ware. Matt totally used my birthday as an excuse to take a pic with him! I'm 32! 019
Then, as the boys rested at home, I went out for a little “me time!” I thoroughly enjoyed my mocha and manicure!
Then, around 3, we headed out for a fun evening at Medieval Times. Crazy enough, none of us had been…and, we were all so very excited!!!

And, the dinner and show did not disappoint. We had such a blast cheering on our green knight (even though he didn’t quite win!) and the boys were mesmerized the whole time! Eating with our hands was so fun…and the whole experience is something we’ll never forget! We are so thankful that Slickpaw decided to give us such a great birthday memory!! I'm 32! 032  I'm 32! 052I'm 32! 036

I'm 32! 035  I'm 32! 045I'm 32! 040
Slickpaw's Feb 2012 064I'm 32! 054

Slickpaw's Feb 2012 073  I'm 32! 056I'm 32! 067  I'm 32! 078
{Slickpaw totally wants credit for this one!…ha…}Slickpaw's Feb 2012 082I'm 32! 088

Slickpaw's Feb 2012 138

Slickpaw's Feb 2012 147
  Slickpaw's Feb 2012 150
Nash was the most hilarious to watch. He waved his flag so proudly the WHOLE time! And, as we were driving away, our knight happened to be outside. When Quinn yelled “Green Knight” at him, he came to our car and gave Q a high five! Fun, unexpected surprise!

Then, since we had gone to the 5:00 show, we were home in time for more celebrating..and our annual nose pic.
Slickpaw's Feb 2012 163

Mammer did a great job at making her own “Nothing Bundt Cake”…yum…Slickpaw's Feb 2012 170

Slickpaw's Feb 2012 176Slickpaw's Feb 2012 181

Then, on Sunday, the celebrating continued. Sweet Kelli (birthday on the 5th) threw a lunch party for Gina, Trish and I. (all with birthdays on the 11th!) It was such a sweet gesture and I loved celebrating with lots of new friends!
I'm 32! 101I'm 32! 102
And, straight from that party, I headed to Southlake to meet some of my “old” friends for some shopping and dinner! What a blessing these girls always will be to me! I loved having them in my neck-of-the-woods!I'm 32! 105

And, to top all of that greatness, the Facebook wishes were OUT OF CONTROL! I seriously had HUNDREDS! What a fun and modern way to make a fun day even more special. And, I’ll leave you with this…my VERY favorite thing from the day…
Facebook from Matt

Everything else can be returned. That wins the day!! What an amazing man I have! And, happy 32 to me. Here’s to at least 32 more! 

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jamielblev said...

WOW! That is just awesome!! You have such an amazing family!! Happy belated birthday!