Monday, February 27, 2012

“Bye Bye, Daddy!”

Every morning that Q doesn’t go to school, this is my view. Q runs first…followed by the pitter patter of Nash’s feet. Q hugs…Nash kisses…everyone says “bye bye, Daddy” and their own versions of I love you. {Nash’s sounds something like, “I uvvv oooo, Daddy!”} And, even though I can’t imagine leaving these precious little boys everyday…I’d say it’s a pretty sweet send-off. Feb 21-25 034Feb 21-25 035Feb 21-25 036Feb 21-25 037

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Jennifer said...

I love the little glimpse of your wall on the left. Can you do a picture of the whole thing because it is really cute? And better yet, have you thought about doing a room by room thing like you did at your old house?