Monday, January 02, 2012

A Pre-K Christmas…

On the evening of December 8th, our family headed up to Quinn’s preschool to watch the MOST precious little program. Quinn had been learning his songs for weeks and was excited to dress up as a Wise Man and perform for us. To say that he was darling is SUCH an understatement. Watching him up on stage melted this Momma’s heart…and, I loved that he waved at me 1,000 times and would tell his buddies around him that I was his Mommy…and that the baby was his little brother! Bless him!

Before the songs even began, he had to ditch the hat. It was driving him nuts. And, one of his pant legs had lost it’s elastic bottom…so that drove him nuts too! Such a cute little mess! Peeky and more 12.12.11 035

Peeky and more 12.12.11 025

Peeky and more 12.12.11 039This preciously proud baby brother would yell “BUBBA” over and over as he pointed at Quinn. And, he’d clap and clap! So. DANG. sweet!!!
Peeky and more 12.12.11 043Peeky and more 12.12.11 019
And, Daddy had no problems getting to the front to video the whole thing…Peeky and more 12.12.11 045

Peeky and more 12.12.11 046
  Peeky and more 12.12.11 050

Peeky and more 12.12.11 053
  Peeky and more 12.12.11 056Peeky and more 12.12.11 059Peeky and more 12.12.11 061

Peeky and more 12.12.11 068

Then, on the 14th, we all went to Quinn’s school to attend his little Christmas party. He loved the book exchange and was so excited to give his friends the scarves that we made! I love seeing him in his school world!
mid December 2011 011  mid December 2011 013mid December 2011 022mid December 2011 024

mid December 2011 028

mid December 2011 035

It’s crazy to think that this time next year he’ll be half-way through KINDERGARTEN!

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