Monday, January 09, 2012

Our Little Reader!

Lately, when reading bedtime stories, I have been intentional about having Quinn read a few words per story. He’ll carefully sound out the letters until he can blend the sounds together and read the word independently. …So, when he picked a simple story last night, I knew it was time to let him try to read the whole thing by himself! And, guess what? HE DID IT! ALL BY HIMSELF! The first grade teacher in me was so proud…but, the Momma in me could have cried! I couldn’t believe that my little guy READ A BOOK! And, the cutest thing was how proud he was of himself! He was BEAMING and would have probably read all night. He read “Big Max” a few more times and then read another story! He rarely got frustrated! So…here’s to a WHOLE new world that is slowly opening for my sweet love. I’m so excited for him!
Jan 5-8 042

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