Saturday, January 07, 2012

Our 18 month Lineman

My silly, spunky, funny, busy, hard-headed, lovey, second born Chubber Bubs is 18 months old…One and a half!! And, on Wednesday, (2 days before his actual half birthday) he had his well check. Despite the 2 yucky shots, everything looked great. Dr. Guetersloh quickly mentioned that we had a lineman on our hands!…And, his stats prove that!…
Weight: 28 lbs. 14 oz. (90%)
Height: 33 inches (90Z%)
Head: 19.3 (95%)

I am SO very thankful to have gotten an A+ report card…and thanked Jesus for such a healthy little big man! Jan 2-4 028Jan 2-4 031Jan 2-4 032

Jan 2-4 035

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Seneca said...

Amen for a healthy little big mayuuun...God Bless.