Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jammie Night @ Paradise Pond

When we interviewed at our new church home, we were given the tour. And, on the tour, we walked into Paradise Pond and I think angels sang. Years ago, our church transformed the old sanctuary into a play area wonderland for kids and it is DUH.AR.LING! Every kid and every momma LOVES it. So, when the preschool department at our church was having a Jammie Night at “the Pond” on Friday night the 20th, we couldn’t wait to get in our comfiest best and head that way.

And, the best part?!!?!…Youth Pastor, Matt Poe would be reading the bedtime story. (cracked me up that those words were in the bulletin, in emails and on the announcements.)

Needless to say, we all had a GREAT time playing, dining on milk & cookies and hearing “Pete the Cat” from Daddy! {Nash was just a tad confused at why his Daddy has HIS book and HIS Pete character and wouldn’t let him have it!} The kids LOVED the book choice…and the dinner spoiling! :)
Jan 20-21 011

Jan 20-21 013

Jan 20-21 016
Jan 20-21 023

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Alli said...

As a worker in children's ministry, let me just say that I LOVE this idea! The kids look like they are thoroughly enjoying it!