Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Peeky’s Shenanigans (Days 1-4)

Ever since Peeky entered our lives, we have had some super magical mornings. Quinn IMMEDIATELY runs to our bedside in the mornings and asks if we can help him look. And, he’s always so excited to find that he is no longer at the place that he was the day before.

Take a look at what Peeky has been up to so far…I think he got some of the ideas from his friends…and, other ideas he comes up with ALL by himself! ;)

Day 1: Peeky put on a snazzy scarf, snuck into our fridge and made us some “Christmas Milk!” Thankfully, Christmas Milk tastes just as good as the regular kind, because we’re still drinking it!
Christmastime begins 2011 083Christmastime begins 2011 085Christmastime begins 2011 088Christmastime begins 2011 090

Day 2: Why is Goliath so angry? Well, besides the fact that David defeated him, our sneaky little elf TOOK HIS SWORD! It went perfectly with his Ninja costume…and, the other Ninja guys were happy to play!Christmastime 2 030
Christmastime 2 031  Christmastime 2 033

Christmastime 2 036

Day 3: Peeky and his Chef friend made a MESS in the kitchen. But, we weren’t too mad, because we had cookies for breakfast!! Thanks, Peeky! Christmastime 2 041
Christmastime 2 045 Christmastime 2 048Christmastime 2 051 Christmastime 2 052Christmastime 2 057

Day 4:
Peeky left Santa a little note on top of his list. Quinn was so happy to see that Peeky felt he should be added to the Good List! Christmastime 2 110
Christmastime 2 113  Christmastime 2 115


Hayley said...

So cute man...

Kristen said...

Confession: I don't have any kids yet, but I asked for an Elf on the Shelf last year for Christmas so I could tuck it away for "down the road". I am so, so happy that Peeky has joined your family this year because your ideas are INCREDIBLE!!! You are so clever and crafty. I just can't get enough!! I hope you have so much more fun in the coming days!

Joy said...

What did you use to make the Christmas milk? Just food coloring? I love how sneaky Peeky is.

Seneca said...

Haha, Fantastic. I was wondering what the deal was with the green milk... Love It. Been reading your blog for a while and finally decided to leave a comment.