Saturday, December 03, 2011

Meet Peeky!!! {thePoeFam’s Elf on the Shelf}

On Friday, December 2nd, while we were eating breakfast and playing, there was a ding-dong at our door. When we ran to see who it was, we found something strange…a wrapped box that said “Quinn & Nash…Open Me Fast!”

Due to Quinn’s excitement, he didn’t need to be told twice! He ran to the living room and TORE open the present. Though confused for a minute, we quickly realized that Santa had sent ThePoeFam their very own ELF! And, after reading the book, we knew that it was time to give him a name.

Quinn came up with a few…Wheels, and a few other nonsense words…but, when he said “Peeky,” he was SOLD! And, so were we! We loved it!!

So, we placed Peeky in his box on the bar in the kitchen and watched the movie, The Elf’s Story…all about Peeky’s friends.

Funny enough, when the movie ended, Peeky’s box was EMPTY! I guess he couldn’t wait to use his magic!! Quinn was MEZMERAZIED as he stared at the empty box!…and, we all started looking for him. After a while we wondered if he had already gone back to the North Pole to share his name with his friends…but, we soon found him nuzzled up against a little nativity scene! (That proved to us that he MUST love Jesus, too!)

We are so excited that Peeky is going to be around the Christmas…oh how magical this time of year is through the eyes of our children!!!

We can’t wait to see what Peeky does…stay tuned…Christmastime begins 2011 051
Christmastime begins 2011 052
Christmastime begins 2011 057 Christmastime begins 2011 061
Already a stinker…laying down in his box…Christmastime begins 2011 068
Daddy told him that we were excited he was here…
Christmastime begins 2011 074

Christmastime begins 2011 077

Christmastime begins 2011 081

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Hayley said...

Loved this...Christmas through the eyes of children, is truly magical.