Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quinn’s First Choir Performance

Our new church has Kid’s Choir…and, what Momma can resist watching her sweet little one love the Lord in front of everyone? Not me! So, when Q was scheduled to sing for the first time this last Sunday, I couldn’t wait! He did great. He sang both services…he did the motions…and he stayed in his spot. Hilariously enough, he also made funny faces…watched himself perform in the monitor…and counted his friends MID performance!

One this is FOR SURE…watching him up on stage reminded me that he is only FOUR years old. Seeing him in front with his little choir mates made him seems so preciously small!…and, I’m so thankful for that realization. I need to cherish these sweet, sweet days! 
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And, if you need 2 minutes to kill,(or if you’re his grandparents) check him out…
Quinn sings at church: 10.30.2011

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Danielle said...

Oh good grief, that was cute. I love how little kids YELL when they sing in church. So precious. :)