Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

I’ve recently decided that I really love Halloween! Getting to dress up and get INSANE amounts of candy is just TOO great for words! I also decided that, from now on, Matt and I are going to REALLY dress up. Maybe even have a costume party!!? We’ll see!

So, we started the day with a fun little breakfast and a few sussies. Q got some Halloween legos and a Ninjago book…and Nash got a fun Pumpkin ducky. He was SUPER proud of his pumpkin “breakfast” cookie!
Halloween 2011 022  Halloween 2011 028
Soon after Q got home from school, it was time to get ready for the big night. The transformation to Kai (the red Ninjago ninja) took a little while. Daddy tied LOTS of ties…but, when complete, we had a REAL ninja on our hands! Halloween 2011 029

Halloween 2011 035

Halloween 2011 042
After a little photo shoot, we woke up the chubs to get him ready! While getting suited up, the brothers had to have a sword fight. Mercy.Halloween 2011 047
Then it was time for Nash’s little photo shoot. Q called him “Cole” (the black Ninjago ninja)…but we just called him STINKIN’ cute!!! And, a good ninja NEVER drops his sword! …even when there’s candy around! >>>
Halloween 2011 049  Halloween 2011 052

Halloween 2011 060

Halloween 2011 064

Halloween 2011 057

Then, we were set to head to our church’s Trunk or Treat. We had heard it was pretty fabulous, but were still shocked!! There were SO many people and SO much candy! We’ll do a better job with our trunk next year!!

Q and Nash had a blast going from car to car and eating candy along the way. They also got to play lots of fun games in the gym. We loved seeing our new church family and loved serving the community! I truly have NEVER seen so much candy in my life!!!
Halloween 2011 065Halloween 2011 068Halloween 2011 070Halloween 2011 073Halloween 2011 076Halloween 2011 078

Halloween 2011 082

Halloween 2011 087

{Doing a little Ninja work…trimming the bushes!…}
Halloween 2011 092

Halloween 2011 108

Halloween 2011 111Halloween 2011 118

Halloween 2011 120
  Halloween 2011 122

Halloween 2011 126
After it was over we had two hungry (for REAL food…not candy) and sleepy ninjas on our hands! What a fun night full of sweets and treats!!! I already can’t wait to do it all over again next year! …And, thankfully, I think we have enough candy to last us until then!
Halloween 2011 130

And, a little flashback for fun…2007.


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