Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quinn’s First Day of Pre-K: 2011

Due to our recent life changes, Quinn had a bit of a delay in starting Preschool this year. We weren’t sure if we were going to keep him in the same preschool as last year or move him closer to our new church/soon to be home.

But, after visiting the preschool that is actually IN our new church, we knew it would be a perfect place for Quinn to learn and grow the year before Kindergarten.

So, on the eve of his first day, we continued our “Night Before School” tradition of the Surprise Ball. Quinn didn’t remember doing it last year and was SO excited as the items started rolling out of the crepe paper! I must admit that it’s a pretty dang fun tradition! First Day of PreK 2011 024
First Day of PreK 2011 030
First Day of PreK 2011 041  First Day of PreK 2011 043First Day of PreK 2011 047  First Day of PreK 2011 049
And, after a good night’s sleep, this Mommy got up early to finish packing lunch, ironing clothes and more. Oh how I’ve missed making special lunches for my sweet love.

FYI: Wrapped in the pencil is a cheesestick and under the note is a star shaped sandwich! And, in true form, it was almost all gone when he got home!
First Day of PreK 2011 052  First Day of PreK 2011 054

First Day of PreK 2011 056And, of course, before we left, we headed outdoors to take the annual First Day of School pictures. He cooperated nicely and looks like such a BIG boy. When I put his backpack on him, he said, “Well, this isn’t even heavy anymore. I must have growed!” And, looking at the picture from last year reminds me of how true this statement is! Where did my baby go? (And how did I think he was such a BIG boy last year?)
First Day of PreK 2011 063

First Day of PreK 2011 068

First Day of PreK 2011 071
First Day of PreK 2011 074

First Day of PreK 2011 079

First Day of PreK 2011 086

First Day of PreK 2011 088

First Day of PreK 2011 090

First Day of PreK 2011 092

first_day_of_school_2010_020_thumb[1]And, after a 25ish minute drive, we arrived EARLY! I was shocked at myself!!! I just knew that the distance and traffic was going to make me late…and it didn’t!!!

We stopped by Daddy’s office so that he could go with us to drop off Q on his first day! And, of course, took a few more pics!
First Day of PreK 2011 094

school 004

First Day of PreK 2011 095

First Day of PreK 2011 098

First Day of PreK 2011 101Quinn marched right in and was so excited to see Ms. Kristina! He quickly started playing in his sweet little classroom with the 5 other classmates he will have this year! (YES, FIVE!!! A teacher and a mommy’s DREAM!!!) I waved a few too many times, said  “I love you through and through” in response to his “I love you through and through,” and walked away.

Can you believe I didn’t even tear up? I feel so confident in his new school, his new teacher and in him. And, it’s pretty nice that his Daddy works RIGHT down the hall! Quinn is going to have a wonderful year and I can’t wait to hear about the precious memories he makes and the growing that he does as a big Pre-K boy!

And, now, I get some QT with this face…First Day of PreK 2011 104

Here’s a little first day of school interview:

What was your favorite part of your day at school?
My favorite thing was the part when I did a rest. Know why I liked that? Because I like my mat.

Did you learn anything at school?
Letter M and no other letter. I forgot what else.

What did you eat?
Our snack was “big line” pretzels. Like the kind we made into crosses at Bible School.
My lunch had a cheese stick in a pencil. And a soy butter sandwich.

Did you make any new friends?
Yeah. What was that name we told Mammer?

Did you like your teacher?

Did you have fun at school?
Uh huh! (Mommy: Why?) Because it’s Bible church and Preschool, right?

Do you want to go back to school another day?
Yep! When? (Mommy: tomorrow!) YAYYYY! They we can go to the playground. We did a bear story outside!


Carroll said...

So adorable! What sweet memories you have for years to come! :)

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

OH my goodness - how CUTE are your boys?! Your first day of school traditions are so sweet. I'm including your Night Before School Surprise Ball in a Gimme Five for Friday blog post I'm doing on Back to School Traditions. I linked back to the search page on all your school-related posts. Good job Momma!! Thanks for the inspiration. Special touches make memories : )