Thursday, September 08, 2011

Getting Ready for Pre-K…

Due to our recent life changes (Matt’s new job, us selling our house, etc.), Quinn is going to be attending a new preschool this year. So, sadly, he missed all of the meet the teacher events and the “real” first day of school. … But, this sentimental momma isn’t going to let that stop her.

When he has his first day of school, we’ll do it all!!! So, I’ve been planning.

And, on top of getting him a nap mat (YES, his four year old preschool has a “rest time!” It’s strange to me, but I’ll be compliant!) and collecting things for his “Surprise Ball Tradition” that we started last year, I wanted to share some of the things that we’ll be using/doing that I’m SUPER excited about! I hope this list gives you some ideas!!!…

Of course, we’ll be using our Easy Lunchboxes again! I love the containers AND the lunchbox. It worked so well for us last year and held up PERFECTLY after TONS of uses and washes! And, it made packing all of those fun lunches so easy! Sept_1-2_013_thumb[2]

Next, I ordered this precious School Memories Book from Amazon. It is similar to the Birthday Book that I do for the boys, but it gives them places each year to write their teachers, their favorite things, sign their name and place a school picture. I love how simple it is and how it keeps it all easily in one place.

Thanks to Pinterest {my current obsession}, I got a few other great ideas! First of all, I made this printable sign that he’ll hold each year! I can’t wait to see him in his cute, first day outfit, holding this little thing. And, how sweet to change the date, colors and grade each year and watch him grow! Surely he’ll tolerate me when he’s a middle schooler! :)
School Sign

I also got the precious idea to get a children's book (the one suggested was Oh the Places You’ll Go) and take it to his teacher each year. Inside the book, they can write him a little note and we’ll give it to him when he graduates from high school. My plan is to take it to them around parent conference time so that they’ll know him and be able to write him a sweet little encouraging note. What a precious keepsake this will be for him to have!

And, due to the suggested title being a little more expensive, I chose Yay You! Sandra Boynton wrote it for her son when he graduated from high school. Here are a few options that you might like! ….

And, as much as I wanted to get Quinn this AMAZING backpack this year, he decided that he wanted to use his old one! What can I say? Maybe I have a thrifty little guy? And, we’ll just get to pick out a new one for Kindergarten next year!

So, we’re pretty much ready! He has lots of cute new shoes and some fun new clothes to kick off the year. I can’t wait to see what his Pre-K year has in store! …
Stay tuned for his first day coming next week!

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Laura said...

As a teacher, I had a parent (also a teacher) who did the yearly book thing. I started it 2 years ago for Beth, and it's already precious to me to read her teachers' notes.