Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nash: One Year Old

Nash is 12 months!!! 012Oh my sweet, sweet Chubber Bubs,
You are ONE! Well, actually you turned one about 2 1/2 months ago…but, you’re still ONE, none the less! Our crazy life has kept me from being as devoted to these letters as I would have hoped to be…but, better late than never! :) 
 Nash is 12 months!!! 003  Nash is 12 months!!! 004
As a BIG one year old, you are SUCH a hoot! You are constantly making silly noises or faces that you KNOW makes us laugh. We’re already sure that you’re going to spend your whole life making others laugh! You also think your brother is hilarious! You’ll laugh and laugh at him…especially when he does something EXTRA boyish…like a toot noise or spitting water out in the tub.
Nash is 12 months!!! 017
You have a FULL mouth of teeth. Your top and bottom molars are coming in. And, with those teeth, you LOVE to eat. You’ll eat just about anything and everything we put in your way. You love your “nacks” and feel better when you have your snack cup in your hand. I’m afraid we’re creating a bad habit! One thing you don’t like is milk. You eat plenty of yogurt and cheese, but you will spit milk out…even if I try to hide it in your smoothies. And, funny enough, you still can’t drink out of a sippy cup. You don’t know how to tilt it up. You prefer drinking out of big boy straw cups! Hopefully it’s not a lazy thing. Nash is 12 months!!! 018And, speaking of lazy, your silly little self WILL NOT WALK! You’ll cruise around furniture and will take one, two, three, four and sometimes FIVE steps, but NO more. You prefer to crawl SUPER fast or to walk around on your knees. Dr. Guetersloh did not seem at all concerned, but I will be thankful when your 27 pound self decides it’s ok to get movin’ on those feet! Nash is 12 months!!! 023But, you can CLIMB! You LOVE to climb stairs or up on furniture. And, thankfully, you already know the safe way to get down. You’ll back up and carefully slide yourself down. It cracks us up that you’re already so good at it.

Another thing you LOVE to do is play ball. You spot them from a MILE away and say, ‘bahh” in your preciously deep little voice. And, when it gets in your hand, you can’t wait to throw it! You have SUCH good aim. You’ll play catch for LONG amounts of time and always make it right to our hands. Your daddy already has super big dreams for you when he watches how much you love to play ball!

Nash is 12 months!!! 027When it comes to other things you like to play, it really depends on what your brother is doing. You want to be right where Quinn is…playing with all of his big boys toys. Sometimes he’ll play with your toys with you…and that makes them EXTRA fun to you. You love your ball popper and you LOVE your stuffed animals. It’s cute to watch you hug on them and love them…no matter how big they are!
Nash is 12 months!!! 029
Since your brother is in school, you have much more of a routine than he ever did. Usually, after dinner comes some play time and then off to bath! You LOVE playing in the bath and are so content to play for as long as we’ll allow. You and Quinn crack us up as you interact together in the tub. After bath, we wrap you up in your towel and get your jammies on you. Then, it’s usually straight to bed. You motion for your stuffed animals and usually hold 2, 3 or 4 of them while we rock you. Daddy rocks you in your rocking chair when he puts you to sleep…and I rock you standing up! You cuddle with us and with Mickey (1 of 3), Tigger, Pooh (1 of 2) or Donald. It’s so sweet how much you love them and how they’re your little friends as you sleep. When we lay you down, you have one under each arm…and will usually kick your foot as you fall asleep! …And, you always have your “rain” on to fill the room with noise. You rarely cry for long…and, thankfully, sleep the whole night through.
Nash is 12 months!!! 033

Nash is 12 months!!! 034
When it comes to napping, you would still prefer two (one around 9:30 and one around 2:00), but, due to being the sweet tag-a-long second born, you sometimes only get one. When you’re tired or hungry is when your EXTREME side comes out! I have a feeling you’re never going to have a problem sharing your feeling or opinions! Quinn likes to call you a “stinker pot” …and, I must admit that I agree! :)
Nash is 12 months!!! 036Nash is 12 months!!! 039
Speaking of your sweet Big Brother…you think he hung the moon! You get so excited to see him and already love to “wrestle!” And, he’ll do ANYTHING for you! He’ll give you the toy he’s playing with if it makes you happy…he’ll give you bites of his food and drinks of his drink…he’ll hold your hand in the car! He’s pretty priceless…and and I think you’re starting to know that! Nash is 12 months!!! 042
Your little vocabulary has started to form as well! I love to hear you talk! Words you know are…
Momma, Dada, ball, book (minus the K sound), buh (for bubbles), boo (for balloon), mo (more),  pa pa (pat pat), nack (snack), Pooh (Winnie the Pooh), bow (for bounce), MatMan (BatMan), Bayou (when we sing Bayou Baby), uh oh, and bye bye.

You also know some animal sounds…
Your quack quack for the duck is your best. But, you can also do a puppy sound, a monkey and a fishy. They usually get a good “quack quack” first, but you’ll usually correct yourself.

And, you can find your nose, hair, ears and shoes.

Other things that amaze us are how you can slide pages on our iPhones and the way you can take things in and out of boxes, baggies, etc. You’ll spend LOTS of time taking things out (fruit snacks in the pantry, my makeup, cards in a baggie) and carefully putting them back in. Such a smart little guy!
Nash is 12 months!!! 049

Overall, I can say that I’m madly in love with you. Despite your little tantrums and strong will, there is NO way I could love you more! Your dimple absolutely melts me…your big brown eyes and mile long eyelashes are surely the most precious thing in the world…and your “pat pats” always fill my heart. You are such a ball full of jolly-ness in our home and we are so blessed and thankful that you are ours.

Happy Birthday, Nash Baylor Poe! I love you a bushel and a peck!
Your Mommy

  Nash Baylor Poe Quinn Davis Poe
Weight: 27 lbs. 1 oz. (75-90%)

It’s all packed away!

Height: 31 inches (50-75%) I’ll fill it in when we finally move!
Head: 19.3 inches (97%)  
Walking not quite 12 months, 3 weeks

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