Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nash, A.K.A. …

Aug. 12-16 021This poor baby boy surely has NO idea what his name is. Just like Quinn, we call him WAY too many things! But, we can all be certain that we love him to pieces…No matter WHAT his name is!

First off, I’ll tell you about his sweet name, what it means and how we came to choose it for our sweet second born!

When we found out that Nash was a boy, I immediately got nervous about saying his name. We KNEW that Quinn was Quinn the second we got the news at our 16 week sonogram…but, I needed to process everything a little bit longer this time around. But, it didn’t take long. A few days after our 20 week sonogram with Nash, I was ready to share his name with the world. It had been our only favorite for a baby boy. And, we loved the way it sounded with his brother’s name.

The annoying thing was the question that usually proceeded us sharing his name. After we got positive and “that’s such a cool name” responses, we would get, “Oh…are you naming him after Steve Nash?” Where Matt didn’t mind the question so much due to his love for the nimble little basketball star, it DROVE. ME. NUTS!!! Yes, we like Steve Nash. And, yes, that is the name of a basketball star. But, did we NAME our child AFTER him? NOOOOOO!

Anyway…I digress.

On to the meaning of his name.

Nash means adventurer.
And, as much as this scared me when I was pregnant and read this meaning…and, as much as I already knew it was true due to the crazy movement in my tummy…I secretly liked that his name meant this. How fun to have a boy that loves life and finds everything to be an adventure. So far it holds true…we’ll see if it continues as he grows up. We just pray that he uses it for good and not to give his Mommy a heart attack!

Baylor means horse-trainer and lord of the manor.
Sadly I don’t love the “real” meaning of Nash’s middle name. But, to us, Baylor is the place where Matt and I met. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for the fact that we met at my school..and, we loved putting that sentimental touch in our baby’s name.

But, as much as we love his real name, we get a kick out of all of the other things he goes by. Here are the things that we (or others) tend to call him on a daily basis…

Nash Nash Baylor Poe Nasher Nasher Basher
Nasher Noo Nashy Nash Smash Chubber Bubber
Bubber Chubber
Chubber Bubs Bubs Bubber
Chubs Bubs da Chubs Chubs da BubsLoveyBaby Love
Brother Baby Brother Sweet Chubs Stinker Pot
Nash Rambler

Aug. 12-16 008
Aug. 12-16 011
Aug. 12-16 014  Aug. 12-16 018

Aug. 12-16 042
Aug. 12-16 051

Aug. 12-16 061  Aug. 12-16 062

Aug. 12-16 065
Aug. 12-16 066

Aug. 12-16 072

What a love. We can’t help but want to eat up that sweet face every day.

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Jennifer said...

I always swore I would never say "Buddy" to my little boy and sadly that is what comes out of my mouth all the time. Also, sadly, I am about 90% sure he refers to himself as this. He is only 18 months old, so the words aren't really clear, but it sure does sound like he says "Buddy, done!"