Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Batman Day

I have been MISSING doing fun little themed days around our house. Between lots of crazy life changes going on around here, and our house being on the market, planning things that make my house a disaster have definitely been put on the backburner.

But, thanks to the AMAZINGLY talented Mommy at 1+1+1=1, Batman Day was a breeze. I went to her super generous page (You’re seriously going to be BLOWN away when you see all of the different themes she has) and printed all of the fun Batman printables that she offered free of charge.

Then, I got out all of Q’s Batman collection and set it out for a day of fun! As soon as he woke, the fun began. I must admit that there were times of protest…but, the second he got started, he LOVED every activity! It just took a little more arm twisting than I remember in the past.

Here’s a peek into all of the Batman fun we had together…Batman Day Part 1 037
Batman Day Part 1 041The first activity was a little number puzzle. Q loved it from the start and was so careful to count each item. He also placed the numbers in order. I was proud of him and thought he did a great job.
Batman Day Part 1 042  Batman Day Part 1 044
Then it was time to catch some bad guys. First he traced the line from the good guy to the bad guy with his Batman. Then, he used a dry erase marker to trace the line. Batman Day Part 1 045  Batman Day Part 1 048
Next, he put Batman in order from smallest to largest. He did this LOTS of times. Batman Day Part 1 051
After Nash got up and we took a breakfast break, Q got dressed all on his own and choose his Good Guy shirt for the occasion! Sweet love.

Then, we did some playdoh fun! He had a BLAST rolling out the playdoh into snakes and making them form the letter shapes. I was SUPER impressed and truly thought this activity would require lots of help. But, I was wrong! He did it ALL by himself! Batman Day Part 1 052

Batman Day Part 1 054

Batman Day Part 1 055

Then, it was time for some cutting and pasting. First, Quinn cut out the pieces (which was tough, but he was determined. I helped a little, but he did most of it by himself. Scissor work could use a little more practice, for sure!) and then glued them in the correct spots! He did great!
Batman Day Part 1 058

Batman Day Part 1 060
After taking a break to play with all of his cool Batman toys, he was ready to do the Color By Number. Nash played with the markers while Quinn took his time coloring each bat the correct color. (except blue…he didn’t want to color it much because he said he liked the black showing on that one! Funny boy!) Once again, I was shocked that he could do this without my help!
Batman Day Part 1 061

Batman Day Part 1 062

Batman Day Part 1 063

Batman Day Part 1 064

Then, it was time for some patterning. He wasn’t sure he would enjoy this one, but quickly had a great time. We did AB, ABB and ABBA patterns! Batman Day Part 1 065
When Nash went down for his nap, it was time for us to play Memory. This was another that came with protest but became one of his favorite things. We played over and over again. It was fun playing it different ways.
Batman Day Part 1 066   Batman Day Part 1 069
Next, we got a NASTY letter from the Joker. He had kidnapped Batman and wasn’t very encouraging about us finding him. But, after lots of tiptoeing around and following the clues, QUINN FOUND HIM! He LOVED every second of the hunt and was so precious and serious as we looked.
Batman Day Part 1 072

Batman Day Part 1 075Batman Day Part 1 077

Batman Day Part 1 078  Batman Day Part 1 079

Batman Day Part 1 082
Before lunch, we had a fun little dance party. (CHECK OUT THIS SONG…I PROMISE YOUR LITTLE ONES WILL LOVE IT!!!!) Then, Q had a little movie fun. Slickpaw sent some great YouTube videos and then we watched Super Friends! So cheesy…classic…and great!
Batman Day Part 1 081Batman Day Part 1 087
Lunch was a hit as well! It’s still amazing to me how well he eats when it’s fun! Batman Day Part 1 085
After lunch, we did a little Hero and Villain sorting and graphing.
Batman Day Part 1 088

Batman Day Part 1 091  Batman Day Part 1 092
And Nash acted like a big boy as he played with all of his brother’s cool toys! Batman Day Part 1 097

Sadly, our Batman Day took a little break when we had to get our house ready for a showing…but, when we got back, lots more Batman fun was to be had. We went on another hunt for Batman (per Quinn’s request), and after baths, Quinn got to read his fun Heroes and Villains book. We worked on the sight words first and then HE read it to me. He wanted to read it OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Such a proud little reader! Batman Day Part 2 015

Batman Day Part 2 016
I’d say Batman Day was a HUGE success. I, as always, loved the quality time that it allowed me to have with my sweet love. And, I loved that it was a perfect recap of learning to get him ready for his second year of preschool!

I am so thankful to be a Boy Mom…and love my little Super Heroes to absolute pieces!!!Batman Day Part 2 001

Batman Day Part 2 004

Batman Day Part 2 012


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Oh my goodness, Jagger would die over this!!

Laurie said...

This is awesome! My boys would so love this!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Batman Day looks awesome! I must do this with my son...he will love it!

Jaclyn said...

so cute! I am going to check that blog out for sure!
Thank you sooooo much for the cousin camp shirts. They came right on time, and oh so very cute! I blogged some pics of the kids in their shirts at

thanks so much for doing this so quickly for us!

Louanne said...

We did the batman day from that site earlier in the summer and had a blast. great photos and fun. Looks like it was a great day!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun!! We did a Cars day two weeks ago and I need to get on the ball and do this once a week with my big guy. Question, how old is Quinn? My oldest is three and Im still a little nervous to give him scissors. Was just wondering when you introduced that concept. Thanks! :)

Carroll said...

What a fun day! You are such a creative mom!! :)

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

LOVED this! Will is having a superhero bday party on Saturday so some of these activities will be perfect to get him in the mood (& occupy him while Mommy gets ready) on Friday! I followed the links and we did Toy Story activities today in between appointments - loved it!
Thanks for sharing!

Adventures in Sepia Tone said...

Wow! Reese would DIE for this!! You are such an inspiration. I'm going to try this!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

leslie said...

What a great idea. I love that. And I know Quinn loved it too.

Erin said...

Luuurrrve this!!! Brady is going to go bananas when he wakes up to a day all about celebrating his super hero love! Too fun

Tara James said...

Random question---- where did you get that big Batman?

ThePoeFam said...

Quinn's "Uncle" gave that to Quinn! Funny enough, WE bought it for him YEARS ago at Wal Mart! (probably 6 or 7 years ago!) Ebay, maybe?