Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hurry Mr. Postman


This weekend, my computer plug BIT THE DUST! And, the cheapest version I can find to purchase in a store is close to $100! So, I ordered one on line…and, FINGERS CROSSED, it’ll work! … So, now, I must quickly let you blog friends know that I will continue to be behind on this little blog-o-mine for a while longer. I MUST ration my computer usage for IMPORANT things until the postman arrives with my package!

So, stay tuned for Nash’s party, Pandamania, our trip to Houston and MORE! We’ve been a busy little family!


Jennifer said...

Darn! If I had known you were coming to Houston we could have met in real life! That's where I live.

allyo said...

HURRY Mr. Postman!!