Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nash is ONE!!!

On July 6, 2011, we got the special privilege of celebrating our baby love’s VERY first birthday! And, in true birthday form, Daddy and I were awoken early by the excited birthday boy…and went in his room with video camera and balloons in hand…singing Happy Birthday. We had about 20 sweet moments with our Chubs before the rest of the house awoke. It was a great start to a fun day…Nash's 1st Birthday 002
Nash's 1st Birthday 008  Nash's 1st Birthday 010
Nash's 1st Birthday 013
  Nash's 1st Birthday 014

Nash's 1st Birthday 016
Nash's 1st Birthday 017
Nash's 1st Birthday 031
Nash's 1st Birthday 032

Then, after Big Brother and Mammer and Slickpaw woke up and gave lots of birthday wishes to the birthday boy, we had our smoothie and cereal breakfast before it was time for a present. Nash (and Q) LOVED his new fun play table.
Nash's 1st Birthday 036  Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 030
Then, after playtime and a good morning nap, we drove to our photographer’s (SDS Photography) house to have Nash’s 1st birthday photo shoot! I love that both of my boys had their FIRST cake on the FIRST birthday in front of the camera! It makes for so many great memories!!! And Nash was SUCH a ham…modeling his Mickey hat and his birthday suit! DSC_0051
DSC_0072  DSC_0086


DSC_0189At the end of the shoot, Sara suggested that Q go over and help Nash finish his cake. It was a truly precious moment…Quinn REALLY is the BEST big brother I’ve ever seen.
DSC_0232And, with dessert eaten first, we headed to Fuddruckers's for lunch. The cake didn’t stifle Nash’s appetite! Honestly, I don’t think the poor baby is ever full! He dined on pickles, fries, burger and chicken! But, when he was reaching his fill, he took a break to give Momma some lovin’!
 Nash's 1st Birthday 038  Nash's 1st Birthday 045

Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 062Back at home, it was time for another present. Mammer and Slickpaw got the boys Nash a darling pirate water table. Watching them play together was a glimpse of the HOURS of fun I know this table will host. Cute…cute!
Nash's 1st Birthday 048  Nash's 1st Birthday 052 

Nash's 1st Birthday 055

After a short nap, it was time for dinner and more cake! Mammer always makes us a special cake for our REAL birthday…and, deciding what kind of cake to make Nash this year was a NO brainer! Isn’t he cute!?…Mammer’s purplish black stained fingers proved that this was a labor of love!Nash's 1st Birthday 059
Nash's 1st Birthday 067
Nash's 1st Birthday 069   Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 112

Nash's 1st Birthday 074Bath time was in order after that MESS. Then, before the day got away from us, we had to take our annual “nose pic!” I so love this tradition that I get to continue on with my boys. Here we are last year…
Nash's%20Birthday%20123And, here's my squeaky clean birthday boy in his Mickey jammies this year…
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 117
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 119
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 121
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 124

Before bedtime, the fun wasn’t over. Quinn COULD NOT WAIT to give Nash the gift HE got him, and there was more from the rest of us too. He LOVED his BIG Mickey that made it all the way from Disney World and his darling Mickey plane from Mammer and Slickpaw. Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 128
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 130
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 143
Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 147  Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 154

Nash's 1st Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 151

It was a precious day spent with our BIG ONE YEAR OLD! And, as I rocked by sweet boy (while holding him and BOTH Mickeys), I was so thankful for him…and for the fact that our celebrating wasn't over. His Mickey party was going to be the icing on the cake! :)

Happy Birthday, Nash Baylor Poe! You are so very loved!!!


Cara Carroll said...

1 already?! hot dang! that was fast! happy birthday, nash!! glad y'all had fun celebrating!!!

Tiffany said...

Super adorable birthday pictures! Happy birthday, little guy.