Sunday, July 17, 2011

{First Annual} Sweet Mommas Getaway

1302976470105If you could tap into the emails of our precious playgroup over the past few months, you would be SO AMAZED that we actually got out of town for our FIRST ANNUAL SWEET MOMMAS GETAWAY! Getting schedules coordinated with eight mommas (and husbands and grandmas and…and…and…) is not an easy feat. But, with much heart and persistence, WE DID IT!!! And, on the morning of June 22nd, we were on our way!

As we drove the 2 1/2 hours to Possum Kingdom Lake, we were already cherishing the girl time without sweet little interruptions. Right away I knew it was going to be a getaway to remember.

But, when we drove up to our amazing “home away from home,” we were beside ourselves! I can guarantee that we were as annoying as the girls in the limos on the Bachelor.
The house…the view…the AMAZING kitchen…the darling screened in porch…the cozy bedrooms!…It was all better than we could have hoped for!Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 060

1410286470105Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 094

Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 035
  Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 043
So, after unpacking sussies, food and more, we wasted no time in making our first toast to an unforgettable weekend. And, we weren’t short on things to toast with. Mercy!!!Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 050

9044876470105  Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 053

Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 056
Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 055After getting our “roadies” ready, we made our first walk to the pool. And, we spent the remainder of our afternoon gabbing poolside…and cooling off in the water. Perfection!Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 061



Then, with pink cheeks and shoulders, it was back to the house for dinner. So many of the girls pitched in to make the most perfect dinner. We ate, celebrated Meredith's birthday with the darling Mason Jar cakes that Cara made, chilled out on the patio while we ate and came back in to participate in our “Favorite Things giveaway!”
Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 064  Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 065

Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 068
  Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 071

Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 074The rules of our “Favorite Things Exchange”…
1. Bring a “favorite thing” that cost $20ish.
2. Participate like a “White Elephant” party
3. Love your gift so much that you won’t trade it and the ‘game’ ends too soon!

Ok…number 3 was not a rule…but it pretty much happened. Until Kara did a little sneak attack steal on Meredith…We all loved our gifts! Check out the little pic Cara made to show you what all of us brought. Some good stuff, my friends…Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 045
7506976470105 Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 076Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 077 Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 078

Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 080favorite-things_thumb2After a great night’s sleep and staying in bed longer than I have in about 4 1/2 years, we had a YUMMY Pioneer Woman recipe filled breakfast and went back to the pool for the WHOLE day! So relaxing…so wonderful!

After snow cones, we got cleaned up and fancy so that we could “go to town” for dinner. We chose a fun steakhouse called the Wildcatter Ranch…and we truly enjoyed a leisurely dinner with YUM-O food!



And, since we had all formed icicles on our fingers from the restaurant, we welcomed the warm temps on their pretty patio. We took pictures and laughed that GUT-WRENCHING amazing laugh while trying to get the perfect iPhone pic on Alli’s phone! The silliness is a memory that I will never, ever forget!!!



3426186470105  3612186470105 
When we got back “home,” we enjoyed Society cupcakes and gabbed in our jammies one last time.

On Friday morning, we made sure we did everything on our check list, laughed as Amy magically locked the door that the rest of us STRUGGLED with, prayed a sweet “thankful” prayer together and said goodbye to our beautiful getaway home. Father's Day, Sweet Mommas, Matt's 34th 092  1610286470105
But, because we just weren’t ready for the fun to end, we stopped at a darling restaurant in Mineral Wells for a quick lunch. I’m not sure Mineral Wells had ever seen a group quite like us! :)


Even though I missed all three of my boys like CRAZY and couldn’t wait to get home to them, it was such a perfectly relaxing and refreshing three days with some of my favorite friends. I am so thankful to have “grown up as a Momma” with these SWEET MOMMAS and am so blessed by the friendship that I know I will forever share with them. in_a_nutshell


Cara Carroll said...

what a perfect recap...and an absolutely PERFECT getaway! i miss it already :) so thankful for you, sweet friend!

Sharee Forman said...

This is so awesome! I'm so stealing all these ideas one day! Where on PK did yall stay? I feel a girls trip coming up next Spring to wherever it was!! :)

Meredith said...

I loved reliving it all again!!!!! What a refreshing, awesome, FUN getaway!!! Thanks for writing it up for us!!!!