Monday, July 04, 2011

Beating the Heat…

I’m always amazed at how we question the temperature of the day when we end up spending it in the pool. We swear that “today must not be as hot,” but the thermometer still reads over 100 degrees. … And, seeing over 100 on our thermometer is quite the norm here in our North Texas town. So, the pool is really the ONLY place to be if you choose to spend it outside!

So, yesterday, thePoeFam decided to beat the heat at the pool! It was Nash’s first REAL time to swim and he loved every second of it. He’d bob around in his boat….happy and smiling! I loved our afternoon at the pool and am thankful that our neighborhood has such a nice one! July 2-3, 2011 006
July 2-3, 2011 015
July 2-3, 2011 017
July 2-3, 2011 019

July 2-3, 2011 022
July 2-3, 2011 024
July 2-3, 2011 028
July 2-3, 2011 031

July 2-3, 2011 043

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