Thursday, May 05, 2011

Read this…{& change lives}…

1Those of you that have followed my blog for some time know about my husband’s t-shirt company, Two-Five Cloth. It started in 2007 and quickly did SO MANY amazing things for so many people around the world. (Click here to see just how many people’s lives were changed for the better!!!)

Anyway…long story short…the online store has been closed for over a year and Two-Five has focused more on bulk orders and graphic design. But, after a bunch of TLC, is up and running…and, it is FABULOUS!!!!

There are tons of new shirts…for guys, gals and KIDS!!! (and, trust me what I say that the kid’s t-shirts are SUPER cool!)  And, the message and impact that these shirts have in “elevtating others” is worth more than money can buy! What a great opportunity to teach your children about how they can “be 25” in their world!

So…here’s what I’m asking of you….
1. Go check out the new site….
2. Follow Two-Five on Facebook and/or Twitter
3. Go to the store and buy a shirt…for you, your hubby, your dad, your kids…whoever!!! They’re cool and they change lives!!!

And, THIS WEEKEND, if you’re a Facebook/Twitter fan,

With the launch of the new, Two-Five is offering a FREE vintage* t-shirt with each shirt purchased!

(*Free shirt will be selected from the Two-Five inventory based on individual style and size.
Offer valid while supplies last.)
LIL_BOYS_ELEVATE_TEE__13919_zoom     lil_girl_flight__72655_zoom

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Wendy said...

My little man is 4 & I will definitely buy him a couple :) Love them!