Friday, May 13, 2011

Enter to Win a FREE t-shirt!!!

icon50_thumbHi friends! Want to participate in a little contest?

I thought so.

It’s EASY! Here’s how to play…

1. Go to Piddle Design’s Facebook page and “like” it!

2. Tell your friends about Piddle Designs. (via Facebook, Twitter, blog post, email, whatever!)

3. Get them to “like” Piddle Designs on Facebook. (and make sure they leave a comment on Facebook saying that YOU sent them there!)


Here’s how to win…

1. The person that gets the most people to “like” our Facebook will get a FREE shirt!

2. If you get at least 10 friends to “like” us, we’ll give you a FREE SHIPPING coupon code!


{Contest starts immediately and ends on Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. (CST)!
At that point, we’ll tally up the numbers and let you know who wins…
and who gets Free Shipping! Good luck!}

1 comment:

Marissa said...

bummer, I don't fb or twitter but sure would like to win a t-shirt...good luck with your new business! The clothes are SUPER cute :)