Monday, April 25, 2011

Meeting Our Sweet Niece, Miss Ava Elisabeth!

We had a bit of a whirlwind Easter Weekend. But, all for the MOST amazing reason…Here’s a little sneak peek into our Friday & Saturday!!!…

Thursday, April 21:
7:00 p.m. (ish): While getting in the car from our Olive Garden dinner, we got the exciting phone call from Boogie saying that her water had broken. Quinn was the most excited! He yell, “Boogie’s water broke!!!”….like he knew what it meant!

We immediately came home and started packing for the next morning’s travels. We knew that our niece would be there…so, we had to get ready!

11:00 p.m.: We went to bed, praying that Miss Ava would have a perfect entrance in the world as we slept!

Friday, April 22:
2:24 a.m.: We received the text!!! Ava Elisabeth DePalermo was HERE!

before Noon: After Matt wrapped up some work stuff, the rest of us got packed and ready to GO! And, before noon, we hit the road for Austin!

4:00 ish: We arrived at the hospital (after a pretty easy trip), went to he 3rd floor, opened the door with the pink bow, and saw our sweet Ava all wrapped up…and with a bow on her head, of course! She was perfect and looked a bunch like her big brother.

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 011

At the same time, Boogie, Derin and Michael got to meet Nash for the first time and Quinn got to play with “baby” Michael for the first time in way too long! They had a blast from the get go…just as cousins should!
Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 009

7:00 p.m.: After possibly overstaying our welcome at the hospital, thePoeFam headed to dinner with Nana, Pawpaw and Mimi. Nash was IN LOVE with Mimi…and, after showing off his big boy eating skills, we headed back to the hotel to play before bedtime.
Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 021Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 025
8:30 p.m.: My boys and Mimi had the BEST time! And, Quinn got to experience Mimi’s famous back scratching! The rest of us were jealous! :) Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 0289:00 p.m.: Finally it was bath time…and, the fun didn’t stop then! Nash thought Quinn was HILAROUS, and watching them play with the LaQuinta shower curtain was pretty priceless. Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 029
Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 034

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 036Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 044

Saturday, April 23:
7:15 a.m.: After a good night’s sleep by all, we were up to enjoy some early morning cartoons before it was time to eat breakfast and love on a baby girl some more. Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 047

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 053
Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 05910:00 a.m.: Back to the hospital to love on Ava! I’m just amazed by her FULL head of dark hair!!!
Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 060Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 064

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 069

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 086

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 094 
{Q brought Michael a new school bus, his favorite!!!…}229416_2018295139922_1320206270_2357150_4210106_n
Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 101Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 102

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 104
12:45 p.m. We gave lots of hugs, promised not to wait so long until the next time we let the cousins play, and said our goodbyes. And, after a yummy lunch with Nana and Pawpaw, we made a quick stop at Hey Cupcake! I’d wanted to go since Michael was born and was so excited! >>>Sadly, the heat and swarm of bees didn’t make the experience as dreamy as I’d hoped…but, it didn’t change the yumminess of my red velvet cupcake! Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 106Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 107Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 110

Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 117

2:00 p.m.: We loaded up in the car (I forgot to mention that the four of us were traveling in Matt’s 2 door civic! Whew.), and headed back home. 4 hours in the car to talk, reminisce and dream. {While Nash slept and Q watched shows!}

6:45 p.m.: We were back home. It felt like we had been gone for a long time, but, at the same time, it was too fast. All in all, we are so thankful that our family has a healthy baby girl and so grateful that we were able to meet her on her birthday.

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Marissa said...

what a fun trip! She's absolutely BEAUTIFUL :)