Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He got Big!

My baby love is 9 months old,
has 6 teeth
and wants to walk!

He prefers his brother’s big boy toys,
is turning his nose away at baby food
and crawls faster than what seems possible.

He’s a bruiser…
a stinker pot…
a handful…
but, MERCY, I love him so! April 17-20 037
April 17-20 015

April 17-20 019
April 17-20 021

April 17-20 025

April 17-20 026
April 17-20 027

April 17-20 030

April 17-20 032
April 17-20 035
April 17-20 039
April 17-20 040


Mary said...

Oh what an adorable boy!

The White House Baby said...

what a sweet little one! Just wanna pinch those cheeks ha. Ok so I'm sure this is question has been asked a million times, but where on earth did you get those personalized hubcaps? I'm in LOVE with them :)

The White House Baby said...

Ok nevermind, I just found the nursery post and answered my own question about the hubcaps! How awesome! That is the coolest nursery I've ever seen.