Friday, March 11, 2011

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 21, 22 & 23

I must admit that the lunches are getting a little less spectacular. But, I’m still enjoying adding a few little touches that make them fun for my big boy! And, the more fun they are, the better he eats!!!

This one had my homemade peanut butter banana bread! Quinn asked for it over and over again!…March 1-4 007
Adding the candy coated popcorn was fun for a few days!!!…
end of Feb 2011 003
end of Feb 2011 042

This one was on class picture day! Maybe that smile encouraged him to smile!…And, the oyster crackers are a new fave…Erin's 16th and more 114
I’m still using Nash’s baby food containers. They were perfect for Quinn’s carrots and banana peppers. Crazy kid LOVES them! … Erin's 16th and more 132

P.S. Most of these are packed in the Easy Lunchboxes. Just think of how much waste I’ve eliminated already this year! Smile


Mary said...

You've done so many fun things as usual! We love those oyster crackers in my house! I know which grocery stores carry the Premium brand and which ones only carry the off brand...there's a big difference apparently :) I put them in my soup and just eat them for a snack too! Yum. I wish you could pack my lunch every day! Ha

EasyLunchboxes (Kelly Lester) said...

Hi Brittney. These are SO wonderful. Just shared your post on our Facebook wall. Thanks again for sharing all your amazing creativity!!!