Friday, March 11, 2011

Out of the {Rainy Day} Box: Color Swatch Match Up

I made this little activity OVER a year ago…and, I don’t think I ever posted it! …

SO, when Quinn re-discovered it, I took a few pics and got excited about sharing it with you!

The best part…this little thing is ALMOST free! Just go to your local hardware store and pick up LOTS of paint cards (TWO OF EACH) and buy clothespins for each color.

Then, cut a piece of each color to glue onto a clothespin.

And, that’s it! Time for fun! …Take the clothespins off (either one card at a time or multiple)…and let your little one match up the colors. Sounds easy? Some of them are kinda tricky! Quinn loved it!…And, Nash thought the clothespins tasted good, too! ha.

Erin's 16th and more 121
         Erin's 16th and more 124Erin's 16th and more 125

Erin's 16th and more 127


Kristi Kelly said...

What a fun idea!!

Jen said...

What a great idea and perfect for fine motor too! I'll definitely be putting this together for Lauren. It might be a great activity for her to work on while I am nursing the new babe!