Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Our Spontaneous Safari

Last Monday, on President’s Day, I got the crazy idea that Mammer and Slickpaw could meet us at the Fort Worth Zoo. And, when they quickly agreed, I knew it would be most fun to keep it a surprise from Quinn. So, we got up, got ready and loaded the car for our big surprise day. (Sadly, Daddy had to work!)

Quinn was SUPER excited and would even remind me NOT to tell him the surprise. But, the entire way to Fort Worth, he tried to guess. We’d look out the  window and say, “do you think we’re going there?” And, when we’d pass, we’d both laugh and say…”NOOOOO…not there!!”

After an hour in the car, we drove up to the zoo and Quinn was still clueless. And, when we parked our car right next to Mammer and Slickpaw’s, and he saw him out the window, he didn’t know what to think. It was hilarious that he just stared at them expressionless. He was SO confused! …

But, within moments, when he realized he wasn’t dreaming and that we weren’t in Abilene, the jumping and screaming began! What a fun day we had ahead of us! zoo, soccer 001

zoo, soccer 006
We got Nash all situated in the Moby (LOVE IT, by the way!) and started to make our trek around the Zoo. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather! And, all of the animals were out to see us.

Quinn truly enjoyed EVERY moment. He’s such a “stop and smell the roses” kind of guy and I love that about him! Nash was such a dream too…so happy cozied up next to Mommy most of the day…or in Mammer's arms!

The day seemed to go by quickly…animals…lunch…more animals…and a trip to the gift shop for a sussy! We loved our spontaneous trip to Fort Worth with Mammer & Slickpaw and can’t wait for another adventure sooner than later. 2364211920105
zoo, soccer 011
zoo, soccer 018
zoo, soccer 014

   I think this happy little otter was my favorite…and I loved my boys in the bubble!!!…Could Nash look any more HUGE!? Cracks me up!!!…
zoo, soccer 032zoo, soccer 033zoo, soccer 034 

2700021920105zoo, soccer 037zoo, soccer 038zoo, soccer 039

zoo, soccer 044
zoo, soccer 048
zoo, soccer 055


Courtney said...

Hi Brittney, we have spoken through email a couple of times through the past years that I have been following you online. We live in Edmond, OK. but my daughter and I and my parents were at the Ft. Worth Zoo on that same day and what a perfect day for the zoo it was. I am surprised we didn't run into you there or even notice you anywhere, what a coincidence.
By the way my dad is from Abilene our family are the Donald's/Gurnea's/Spicer's/Rutledge's
Just wanted to share that with you. Your boys are growing so much.
Courtney Donald

the thorntons said...

OK, I literally work 2 minutes away from the FW Zoo! I should've taken a "sick" day and come out to join y'all! Next time... :-)