Thursday, March 03, 2011

Christmas + Birthday + Nana & Pawpaw = Poe fam FUN!

This pass weekend, we had a much anticipated visit from Nana and Pawpaw. Due to CRAZY lives, we hadn’t seen them since THANKSGIVING! So, we had lots of catching up and celebrating to do.

To start off the weekend, Quinn got the exciting privilege to celebrate his 4th birthday a month early. He chose the dinner spot…Purple Cow…and then it was back home for cake and presents. He kept reminding us that this was NOT his real birthday but that we were just celebrating. … But, obviously, he didn’t oppose. His pirate ship cake stole the show!!! He was super excited and the presentation made it something to remember for sure!

And, on top of birthday, we got to celebrate Christmas. Quinn, Nash, Matt and I got wonderful goodies. (just wait until you see my new lamp!!!) But, even thought the celebrating was great, it was nice to not have an agenda and just enjoy time together. These boys had a great time with their Nana and Pawpaw!!! Pawpaw's Pics 085

Pawpaw's Pics 087Pawpaw's Pics 092

end of Feb 2011 004

end of Feb 2011 008
end of Feb 2011 013
end of Feb 2011 016
end of Feb 2011 017
end of Feb 2011 019Pawpaw's Pics 106
Pawpaw's Pics 111
Pawpaw's Pics 116

end of Feb 2011 037


crazymom said...

willie has the same boat he loves all his imaginnext toys!! happy bday quinn....

Jennifer said...

How fun! And I don't remember ever seeing a picture of Matt's dad on here, but they look just alike!