Monday, March 14, 2011

Let the CELEBRATING Begin!!!

My big boy is officially in his birthday month! And, last week at school, the celebrating began! … Since all 12 kiddos in his little class have a birthday in March or the beginning of April, we decided to have a joint celebration.

The theme was FOUR…and flip flops. They had yummy treats, balloons, party hats, games and a flip flop exchange. They were so cute and excited to celebrate each other. At one point Quinn yelled, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!!!” Sweet boy. I’m so excited that we have many  more 4th birthday celebrations to look forward to in the coming weeks! School party etc 001
School party etc 003School party etc 005

School party etc 004{P.S. It was career/spirit day at school…hence the silly costumes and not so fun T’s!}
School party etc 011
School party etc 015
School party etc 008School party etc 016

School party etc 025


Sarah said...

That is a very cute idea! My daughter's first birthday is in July and I think I might "steal" the flip flop idea! Thanks for sharing.

Miranda said...

This is adorable! SO MUCH FUN for those sweet kids!!