Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 15

Crazy enough, we only had two lunches again this week! Monday was a SNOW DAY!!!

Lunch #1: Because of the snow that still lingers all over, I found it only appropriate to have a snow man lunch. Quinn couldn’t wait to tell me about it when I picked him up! He loved his party hat! Of course he loved all of the sweets he got today…marshmallows and jelly beans! And, I used the Easy Lunchboxes today! I love how it gave me plenty of space to make my little snow scene!
Jan 10-11 008
Jan 10-11 012

Lunch #2: Let’s just say we “had a morning!” Getting ready and getting out the door seemed to be near impossible! So, the lunch is nothing impressive. I do love the mini pepperoni baggies that I found…and that Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Banana cookie is SOOOO yum! (recipe coming soon!) …Jan 13 001And, I must say that I’m most excited to be recycling Nash’s baby food containers. They’re the perfect size for carrots, pickles, dips and more!
Jan 13 004 I had one happy cowboy! Thankfully, he’s easy to please!!!
{pictures taken on Western Day}
Jan 13 016
Jan 13 020


Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

Trey takes turkey pepperoni almost everyday.. where did you find the baggies? Do you know if they have beef in them? He is allergic.

Miranda said...

These are SO ADORABLE!
Do you plan his lunches for the week or come up with it when you make it? You're SO CREATIVE!!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Why in the world have I never thought to use the leftover baby food containers for the lunches? I always feel so bad about throwing them away and this is the perfect way to recycle!

ThePoeFam said...

Hi friends...
Brittney, Yes, they have beef! And I didn't see the turkey ones in individual baggies!

Miranda, Thank you!!! I try to start on his lunch the night before. But, sometimes that doesn't happen! I have a few tubs of "supplies" that I keep together to use! (cookie cutters, muffin liners, picks, etc.)

Jennifer, I know, RIGHT?! I'm so excited b/c I'm about to have a TON!!!

Erica Cook said...

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever.... and might just be the secret to getting my 5th little guy to eat something. Love it! :)