Thursday, January 13, 2011

Enjoying It While It Lasts…

I can’t even believe how long the snow has lingered at our little Texas town. On Sunday evening, Matt went out to see just how much we had gotten…almost FIVE inches! WOW! And, Quinn couldn’t stand it. He just had to go back out and build his own snowman! He had SO much fun running, playing and falling into all of the snow in our front yard! …More Snow 029
More Snow 001

More Snow 015
More Snow 017
              More Snow 018More Snow 019

More Snow 021
More Snow 022

Then, today (4 days after our big snowfall), I just had to take Nash out in the snow while Quinn was at school. He was so cute and loved grabbing the snow with his hands so that he could taste it! Jan 13 024
Jan 13 025
Jan 13 026
Jan 13 029
                Jan 13 032Jan 13 033

Jan 13 037

    Jan 13 045Jan 13 046

And, because it was just too fun to pass up, Quinn and I went out to play in it one more time while Nash was napping this afternoon. We had more fun building a tiny snowman, having a snowball fight and (Quinn’s favorite) tasting it! The cold didn't bother Quinn…he LOVED every moment…and I loved watching him have such a blast! Jan 13 part 2 016
Jan 13 part 2 027

Jan 13 part 2 031
Jan 13 part 2 035
Jan 13 part 2 032I’ve loved the sweet memories that our winter surprise has made! I wouldn’t be opposed to one more good snow this year! We’ll keep wishing!!!
Jan 13 part 2 028


Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

great pictures! I can only remember a couple of times having snow when we were little, and most were when we visited my grandparents in Wisconsin. I get super excited when it snows in Dallas because the excitement for the boys is so fun!!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Where did you get Nash's hat? It is really cute! Everytime I get sad about not getting to dress my little boy in as cute of clothes as I did my little girl, I just look at the things you put your boys in and get happy again. You always find the cutest stuff and yet they still look like rough and tough little boys like they should!

ThePoeFam said...

Jennifer, The hat is from Gap...but it was Quinn's! And, I decided NOT to be sad about not getting to dress a girl! (not yet, anyway!) There really is SO much cute boy stuff out there!

Miranda said...

These pictures are just adorable! SNOW IS SO MUCH FUN!! :-)