Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the {Rainy Day} Box Fun: Alphabet Card Lineup

Out of the Rainy Day Box

It’s been forever since I’ve shared one of our “rainy day” ideas. And, let’s be honest, since Nash’s arrival and Quinn’s new found ability to play and Play and PLAY, the rainy day activities are a little more few and far between.

But, when we “skipped” school on our Monday Snow Day, I thought it would be fun to do a little something.

So, I pulled out some cardstock and stickers and made a card with each letter of the alphabet. Then, I lined them up against the wall and gave Quinn sheets of stickers…And, together, we placed the stickers on the correct cards.
Jan 10-11 001

It went well for a while…before he got tired of participating. At that point I asked him if this is how he acted at school!?!!? {good grief…I hope not!} But, he told me to leave it out so that he could do more later. (which is a good sign, right?!)
Jan 10-11 003

I guess I realized in doing this that…
A. I’m happy that Quinn goes to school to learn.
B. I could NEVER homeschool. …and…
C. My floors are REALLY dirty!

Oh well! I give myself an A++ for effort!


Austyn said...

How cute! You are so creative. I feel you though, I want to be a teacher so i always try to do fun stuff for my kindergarten brother and he always has fun for 5 mins. then he leaves and the fun is over. I always feel like a failure. But i guess its the effort that counts right!? Lol And you couldn't homeschool, but that's why your a teacher! hehe

Miranda said...

I really like this idea :-) Thank you for sharing with us!!