Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our New Normal

mid Dec. 2010 005{Our family at a recent Youth Retreat where Matt spoke!}

In the past few months, things have really changed around thePoeHouse. But, I’m already used to it…and our new normal is so amazing. Let’s just say that we are incredible blessed.

First of all…
I’m totally used to Quinn going to school. (besides the fact that I still get teary eyed when I drive by his school when he’s there.) He loves it…I love it. I feel comfortable sending him where I send him and I know that he needs it. I must admit that I cherish some one-on-one with the Chubber…and some quiet time at home! I am shocked that I feel this way after only one semester. That’s how I know it’s right.

I’m pretty much adjusted to having two little ones at my house. Honestly, I think having two is easier than having one. Granted, the sleep deprivation is NEVER easy and going out to restaurants is pretty much a beating…but, since my life was already not my own after having Quinn…adding another little one to the mix {along with an Iphone for those middle of the night feedings} didn’t seem to ‘jolt my system’ as much this time around!

The good thing is, I know what to do…I know what I like…I know that it’s ok if he cries a little bit…and I have a big brother to help entertain, pick up passies, go get a blanket, and more.

The hard thing is, Matt and I have to be even more intentional to get time to ourselves. Thankfully, the itty is a pretty good sleeper…so, we look forward to our evenings of watching shows and eating junk food together!


And, lastly…
Since right before Thanksgiving, Matt is no longer employed by the church. After growing up as a Pastor’s son, being a Youth Pastor for 13 years and a Connections Pastor for 1 1/2, he is no longer “in the ministry!” God made it clear to him that it was time for him to step out and pursue Two-Five/graphics/marketing/etc. full time! He is also working with a good buddy’s lawn business…doing sales and marketing…and is always working on a new Two-Five job. On top of all of that, he also travels to speak at camps, DNows and more. God has already given him 2 opportunities to speak since his resignation from the church.

I am so proud of him…and, on top of the fact that we get to go to church {and leave} AS A FAMILY, we are loving having him work from home on many days. What he did took a HUGE leap of faith, and I know that our boys are going to benefit from watching their Daddy lead a Christ-filled life without working at a church.

So…if you need graphics/t-shirts/logos/etc… speaker…or if you need Lawn Service…I know the perfect guy for the job!

There ya go! Our new normal!

I’d say it’s pretty wonderful and I’m so anxious to watch as God leads our family through this new chapter!

sons{the gift we gave him on his last day at the church}


MelissaPena said...

Just wanted to let you know that you truly inspire me. God bless you and i hope you continue your blog for many more years

Jill said...


RMRR said...

Congrats to Matt...and you too! : )

allyo said...

Yea for you and for Matt! Does that mean he is for hire on making cards and invitations? I am VERY serious about this!!!

annalee said...

what a wonderful announcement!!!