Friday, December 10, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 12

So many people ask me how/why I do these fun lunches for Quinn! And, this week, my answer was confirmed. …

Quinn told me that he wants a cool “Quinn Gingerbread boy” in his lunch sometime soon. I asked him why…and he responded with… “because I love my cool lunches!” … See…that’s why! :)

And, here are his lunches this week. Bring on the fun Christmas stuff!!!…

Lunch #1: These Tollhouse Stacker crackers are SO cute…and it was so easy to outline the Christmas pictures with my food safe markers. Quinn was anxious to tell me all about them when I picked him up from school that day. Williford Fam 2010 032
Williford Fam 2010 036

Lunch #2: We got super excited when we found these Christmas shaped pretzels at Wal-Mart. And, I had fun making his “JOY” sandwich…with skittles filling the O. The little containers filled with pickles and oranges were from the burger place, Twisted Root, that just opened by us. (I don’t think they’ll mind that I took a few!)  Williford Fam 2010 058 
Lunch #3: C Lunch…carrots, C cheese, candy cane kiss, candy cane sandwich and crackers, cars snacks, cranberries and C crackers. Dec 9 005 Dec 9 006  And, for C day, it was Crazy Hair Day! Look at my crazy haired guy! :) crazy hair Dec 9 010


Shawna Nicholson said...

I LOVE your lunch creative!! I keep telling myself I'm going to find the time to do this and will hopefully be able to some day! So so cute!
I have two boys too and can barely find the time and energy to pack a lunchable with some snacks! How do you do it?!?

Unknown said...

i like the little debbie in lunch number 1. such fond memories of those cookies. all of these lunches are so good I WANT to snack on them.
too cute.