Friday, December 03, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 11

“Back from Thanksgiving and needing to go to the grocery store” was the theme of this week’s lunches! :) Take a look…

Lunch #1: Thankfully, Quinn didn’t care what was in this lunch because he had Transformers picks. And Transformers are his new recent obsession! …But, he did LOVE his honey stick! (bought at local Farmer’s Market!)  
beg. of Dec 001
Lunch #2: Simple and yummy. Woody is cute…and making this lunch had me humming that oh-so-popular tune…"You’ve got a friend in me…”
beg. of Dec 062
beg. of Dec 061 
Lunch #3: It’s letter D week at school. So, there’s a PB dinosaur sandwich, a Santa duck, a Daddy pick, D crackers and some “dirt!” This lunch made my school boy happy for sure!
beg. of Dec 083
beg. of Dec 087
beg. of Dec 086

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