Sunday, November 07, 2010

Who Needs Costumes?

My soul. These boys (+Ellie) absolutely crack me up! It took all of 2 minutes for most of them to shed their Halloween costumes and get busy playin' at our Halloween playgroup on the day after Halloween. And, after we had 10 sweaty, dirty, sugar filled boys having an absolute blast around us, we knew it was time for a little "as is" photo shoot.

We sang our normal "Jesus Loves Me" and got, once again, a hilarious pic. What a blessing all of these friends are to us...I pray that we never get too busy to take time for moments like these!

 And, let's be thankful that Quinn decided that Batman was still cool after Mammer and Slickpaw came with THIS costume...
Not only is it a ridiculously too small pumpkin costume, but it's Zoe's (my parent's dog) ridiculously too small pumpkin costume! ...And, don't you worry...Quinn spent HOURS playing in it!!! Crack. Me. Up!

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Donnell Days said...

I just LOVE these boys! (And girl!) So glad you got such a cute picture!