Sunday, November 07, 2010

Nash’s First Playgroup

Last Monday, November 1st, I had the pleasure of hosting Nash’s very first playgroup! There are (potentially) 8 friends that will be a part of the group that he’ll grow up playing with…but five were able to be a part of the very first one and we all had the best time.

It was like Nash knew that he was hosting. He was in the best mood and smiled and “played” with all of his sweet friends. Since I know the sweet bond that Quinn has from being a part of such a precious playgroup…and since I swear his first playgroup was JUST yesterday…I can fast forward and understand how sweet it is going to be to have this group!!! (for Nash AND for me!!!)

So, needless to say, I am thankful…and excited! I look forward to many more play times, parties and photo shoots!…Halloween 2010 102The sweet baby line up…everyone had a place to play…
Halloween 2010 103Here is the sweet little craft that everyone made! They turned out darling…
Halloween 2010 088   Halloween 2010 089  

Halloween 2010 105

Halloween 2010 110

Halloween 2010 150

  And, here are Nash’s sweet friends…
Halloween 2010 108   Halloween 2010 099   Halloween 2010 133     Halloween 2010 134

Halloween 2010 114

  Brynn and Nash had a darling moment where they held hands for a LONG time. It was the cutest thing ever…  
Halloween 2010 119
Halloween 2010 120

Halloween 2010 122
Poor Blake was the third wheel!!!…
Halloween 2010 126
And, the whole crew…(minus the absent three…we hope to see them next time!)    
Halloween 2010 135

Halloween 2010 141
  Halloween 2010 148   I can’t wait until our next one! …How fun it’s going to be to watch them grow up together!

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The Johnson Family 5 said...

Poor Blakey-boo as the third wheel! cracks me up! Such a fun day!! Thank you for hosting!