Friday, November 12, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 9

We only had two lunches this week because Q stayed home from school on Monday. Thankfully, it was just some yucky congestion…and he’s better now! :)

Lunch #1: Sadly, Q was not a fan of the tropical trail mix, but everything else was GONE! I love making tortilla roll ups with turkey and a cheese stick! (I must admit that I eat it for a snack sometimes, too!) And, he LOVED his little pumpkin muffin! Nov. 7-12 006 Lunch #2: Letter “I” Lunch: I cheese with Iron Man pick, an inchworm out of reese’s pieces on a granola par and an ice cream gummy! (It was hard to find “I” things!) Nov. 7-12 009 Nov. 7-12 010These drinks (Belly Washers from Wal-Mart) are our faves! And, it was perfect to use the Iron Man one for I week!…  
Nov. 7-12 013   Nov. 7-12 014

Be sure to go and get your Easy Lunchboxes containers! :) They’re FINALLY in stock!!!

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EasyLunchboxes (Kelly Lester) said...

Hi Brittney - Someone on my Facebook wall was asking about where you get the green muffin cup thing ... can you post the answer there for her under her question?? Thanks!!