Friday, November 12, 2010

Guess who!?

Wanna play a little guessing game?

#1. Guess who fell asleep while watching a
show with his Nana last weekend?
Nov. 5-7 021 
And, guess who stayed asleep while his Mommy
carried him to his room!?!…
Nov. 5-7 026  I was IN SHOCK! This NEVER happens!
He never sleeps ANYWHERE but in his bed!
It was precious to me!!!

#2. Guess who has slept in his own room ALL WEEK!?!?
Nov. 7-12 002
And, after two nights of getting up twice,
he gave this Momma 10 straight hours two nights in a row!!!
Good boy!!!

#3. Guess who is loving his baby toys all over again?! Nov. 7-12 003  CRACK ME UP!!!!

#4. Guess who weighed 18 lbs. 14 oz. at his
4 month check up this week?
149053_1633487433813_1135473672_1783036_4154584_n       Could he be any more loveable?
#5. Guess who discovered how eatable that almost 19 lb. baby is!?Nov. 7-12 016 I discovered this fact when I caught him nibbling on his baby’s cheeks!
#6. And, guess who will be taking down all of the Fall decor and start putting up Christmas THIS weekend!?
Nov. 7-12 020
Even though I’ve loved all of the pumpkins and leaves (and my cute “Fall trees”), I’m ready to DECK THE HALLS! And, I want to enjoy it a little longer this year!

The End.

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Kate said...

I'm so jealous but at the same time so happy that you have such a good sleeper!