Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 4

We’ve completed another successful week of school! I love how much Q is loving it. And, one day when I picked him up his teacher said, “He’s just always so cheerful!” I loved that! Can we really wish for more of our kids? I’m so happy he’s happy!

Lunch #1: A little football lunch: Gotta love the football Little Debbie brownie, football sandwich cut out of sandwich thins bread, football pretzels with Craisins and a yummy PB & banana muffin with a football ring! Lunches Week 4 003Lunch #2: a hodge podge lunch with a few jack-o-lantern touches: leftover grilled chicken from last night’s dinner, and lots of other yummy treats. Quinn’s favorite were his candy corn and candy corn pumpkin! Who could blame him!?
Lunches Week 4 012

Lunch #3: It was H Week: See the hearts (cut out of cucumber, fruit leather and on the picks), hand, H sandwich, H crackers, hot dog gummy, bananas drizzled with honey, and Hulk candy! (from the Dollar Tree) Harold the Helicopter even made an appearance on his note! :) Oct 6-7 005 Oct 6-7 010


Mary said...

Quinn's classmates have got to be jealous at this point :)

Annabel said...

Aww these lunches are soooo cute! You are such a lovely Mommy!

Shelly, Baron, Charlie and Stella said...

It's no wonder he's such a cheerful, happy boy....just L@@K at those yummy lunches!! :)

Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

I just featured your fun lunches on a recent post! :) And, I especially love the football-themed one! I have a weekly football tailgate party and would love to have you link it up! :)