Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quinn: 3 1/2 Years Old

My big boy is THREE & a HALF! Wow!! And, lately, he seems even more big and even more BOY! Maybe it's the insane amount of bumps and bruises that make him seem more boy! And, I'm sure having Nash and a BIG BOY haircut make him seem even bigger!!! Regardless, he's still my baby and I love him so! He melts my heart!!...

My Sweet Love,
How are we here? …At another half birthday?! I can’t believe how big you’re getting…and how I am truly loving you more each and every day. At only 3 1/2 years of age, you wear so many hats. And, I love watching you in every role that you play.
My favorite would have to be watching you in your new role as a big brother! You are truly obsessed with Nash and love him more than I would have thought possible. You have NOT ONCE become annoyed with him or bothered by his presence. All you do is oooh and ahhh over how cute he is, want to do anything you can to help take care of him, and kiss and hug on him constantly! At the same time, it is so obvious that he is madly in love with you. I can’t wait to watch your friendship grow! And, crazy enough, you have a recent obsession with wanting a baby sister. You talk about how you want a sister when you’re 4 so that you can buy her a Cinderella…and how you know Nash is going to love being a big brother. Bless your heart…you make me laugh!

Another hat you wear is that of a school boy! A few weeks ago you started pre-school. You go 3 days a week to a Christian pre-school and you LOVE it. You love your teachers, your new friends, and everything that you’re learning. I must admit that leaving you that first (and second …and third…) day was super hard for me. Thankfully, I had Nash to keep me company, or I might have crumbled. If I passed the school while you were there, I would have to fight back the tears. But now I am so thankful of how much you’re learning, how you’re falling more in love with Jesus, and how much fun you’re having. I love packing your lunches…and I love picking you up with Nash at the end of the day! Thank you for always being so excited to see us. It melts my heart.

Lately, I’ve loved watching you as a friend! You’re at the age where you seem to truly enjoy spending time with your buddies. You come home talking about people that you play with at school…and you talk about wanting to spend time with friends from playgroup and church. I feel that you’re going to be the sweetest friend and pray that God always places good and true friends in your life.

One role you play that is so precious is that of a grandson! Thankfully, you have 4 grandparents that are RIDICULOUSLY in love with you. I love that you are so comfortable with them and truly enjoy spending time with them. Annoyingly enough, you always ask them if they brought you a “sussy,” but I guess they brought that on themselves! ;) They adore you…rightly so!

We’ve all loved watching you become a soccer player! You’ve only played 2 games so far but have already grown so much. I love watching you as a part of a team and hope that this starts your love for sports. I don’t care if you become a “star athlete” but I would love for you to enjoy being active and being a part of something so fun. And, I must admit that I love being a soccer mom.

In the past six months, you have truly become a little worshiper. You love to pray, you love to sing about Jesus, and you love to talk about your Bible verses. It’s amazing how I can see God working in your little heart already…and how when you are scared, praying to Jesus helps to calm your fears. I love that our church is doing a new “family service” that we get to enjoy together…as well as a new curriculum that makes you and Mommy & Daddy learning the same scripture and Bible truths at the same time. I hope and pray that your love for learning about Him never stops!

And, of course, you play the role of a son…my sweet first born son. You are so tender hearted. You have your Mommy’s skin color and long legs. You have your Daddy’s ears and grace. You love to play…with us or without us. You tell us you love us all of the time. You are a home body. You care about the way you look. You still wake up in the night sometimes. You want to please. You have the longest eyelashes and the most beautiful sparkling eyes. You always see the glass half full. And, you are always going to be SO very precious to me. Thank you for making me smile thousands of times a day and for giving your Daddy and me every reason to look at each other and feel so blessed that you’re ours.

I Love You MORE, Sweet Love,
Your Mommy
Your favorites/etc. at 3 1/2 years old:
shows: God Rocks, Hermie & Friends, old Super Friends episodes (from when Daddy was little), Mater’s Tall Tales, Tom & Jerry,

food: Peanut Butter, Freebirds, Which Wich, cheese, cereal and cereal bars, sweets, grapes, apples, strawberries, green olives, banana peppers, pickles, carrots, any kind of cracker or chip, and more! You really are a pretty good eater and will try anything.

sleep: You sleep from about 9 p.m to 7 a.m. and you’ll still nap from 2 to 5ish on days that we’re home. You still wake up sometimes (with a bad dream, needing to go to the bathroom, or something random) and often stall horribly when going to bed. It’s one of our only real struggles with you.

toys: Batman and his friends, Buzz, building with Legos or Trio blocks, and still Thomas and Lightning!

places: HOME!, school, church, McDonald’s, Toys R Us

And, here are some of the hilariously cute things you've said recently:
"I'll have a baby sister when I'm 4!"

"Do you know why I remember all of my birthdays? Because you were here with me!"

"I love you so, so, so, so, so much! I love you ALL that muches!"

"Mission Accomplished!" (after putting Nash down for a nap)

Quinn: "Daddy needs some medice...he's sick!"
Mommy: "Well, let's pray for Daddy to feel better."
Quinn: "No. I can't. I'm busy. Sorry. Gotta play!"

"It's ok! Don't cry. I'm not a giant!" (to Nash)

"Look! There's 2 baby poops and 1 big daddy poop! Just like our family!!!"

"Brrrr. I need my brown blanket!" (when we had a 'cold front' of 87 degrees and were out running errands.)

"You wanna pray to God?!" (out of the blue)

"He's my best baby love buddy!" (about Nash)

"It was winy and that worm o the flu!" (about dead worm on our sidewalk)

"Let's pray that Daddy has a good day!" (one afternoon while at home)

"He doesn't have Jesus in his heart." (about the Joker)

"I don't know anything, God. I'm just Quinn and I want to be different." (while praying)

"You're the best Mommy in the WHOLE LORD!!!"

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Shaleice said...

Oh my gosh your boys are SOOO flippin adorable!! :) I was browsing your blog after pinning your "letter of the week" game on Pinterest :), and I started reading some of your "letters from mommy" and getting all teary-eyed :) I just had a little boy 5 months ago and if you don't mind I'd really love to copy this idea. It's so fun watching kids grow up, accomplishing things and doing the most silly things that all just makes your heart melt :) I love how you've captured your boys' milestones and taken lots of photos of events and even just normal occasions. You have a knack for taking beautiful pictures! :) Thank you for your inspiration that I'll be adding to my little boy's activities and ideas as he grows up! :)