Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Preschool…here Quinn comes!!!

Tonight, our little family of four went to meet Quinn’s teachers for PRESCHOOL! He starts this week…and I can’t even believe it! Thankfully, he marched right into his classroom (with Batman in tow) and was so happy to meet his teachers. He sat at his desk, snacked on the pretzels that were in his special snack bag, found his name all over the classroom and met some new friends. (and saw lots of old, sweet friends TOO!) It was a fun night…and Matt and I could not be MORE proud of our little guy and how excited he is to go to school! Meet the teacher 001 Meet the teacher 002 Meet the teacher 004 Meet the teacher 006 Meet the teacher 009   Meet the teacher 011 Meet the teacher 012 Meet the teacher 015

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Meredith said...

Yay for preschool!!!!! Reid did great today when we dropped him off and he was so excited to see Quinn! Quinn was sitting in a chair playing with some lego type things, and Reid went and played with him. I asked Q if I could take a picture of him and Reid and he said, "no thanks!" hahaha!!!! Reid wasn't into getting a pic taken either, but I did snap one of them playing!!!! This will be such a fun year!!!!