Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Always*Sometimes*Never: The Mommy Edition

I’ve always seen these and love reading them…especially here and here! So, I thought I’d try my hand at it! Here’s my first “Always*Sometimes*Never”…Mommy Style!
end of August 020                  
I, Brittney Gail Poe

love gummy, no teeth baby smiles
have to pry Nash’s hands away from the death grip he has on my hair
get so excited when I get to take a shower
obsess about writing down every memory we have…and have the pics to go with it
kiss…and hug…and cuddle…and squeeze…and love on my boys
compare my boys
want to find reasons to celebrate with/for my kids
look at the kids clothes before my own when I go shopping
have to hold Nash…he SERIOUSLY does not want to be put down if he’s awake
smile when Quinn says “I love you more!”

look at my babies and can’t believe they’re mine
get irritated with having to turn on lights for the BigBro (so, Slickpaw, thanks for these)
feel like I get enough sleep
dance around the house with my kids
miss getting dressed up for work…stay at home Mommy clothes aren’t really my style
wonder if time is going fast or slow
think too much about when my boys will grow up and leave me…it breaks my heart!
don’t mind little (Nash & Quinn’s) laundry (but I hate ours!!!)
cry when I have to discipline Quinn
think I want FOUR kids
ask Quinn to brush my hair

get tired of seeing Quinn love on his baby brother
thought my baby would take a bottle…but he will!
feel like my house is clean
miss teaching…I LOVE being at home with my boys!
know how to make the right noises when playing superheroes, cars, trains, etc. (but Q never complains)
care that Quinn doesn’t eat organic and super healthy…I survived on brownies for breakfast
understood the love of a Mommy…until I became one!
end of August 022


kristin fulghum said...

i love it. i second you on never miss going to school. those are some preshy little boys!

Jennifer said...

I love always.sometimes.never. They are so fun!

The Buchanan Family said...

too cute!

annalee said...

brownies for breakfast, how awesome is that! love it.

Unknown said...

awwww...so precious.