Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Due to this insane Texas heat (100+ EVERYDAY!), it’s a perfect time to have a newborn. It’s too hot to go anywhere…and thanks to my “homebody” Big Brother…we’re pretty happy staying in our air conditioned home. I must admit that we’re often in our jammies when Daddy gets home (or hurried to get clothes on at 4:45 to “prove” we’ve had a productive day…ha.) and we’ve spent LOTS of days being “lazy”…but I’ve been so thankful for every moment of it. I love watching my boys cuddle on Nash’s play mat…I love dancing with Quinn to “Nash’s songs” and I love how we ohh and ahh over the little smiles that we’re starting to see more often! I’m thankful for lunches with peanut butter and for bath time at 1! I am so thankful (since Nash is 6 weeks old today) that I get to stay home with these 2 precious boys and soak up all of the silly everyday details!  What a blessing!

And, just for fun, here’s some of our “lately.” (most from my iphone!) Enjoy.Sweet Brynn and More 002   Sweet Brynn and More 135 Sweet Brynn and More 003 KiddoTags 002SMILESweet Brynn and More 137   Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 013ImageImage1Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 008 Image2


Jessica said...

Precious. I love those sweet little smiles! Children are such a blessing!

Laura said...

Hi there! When you have a free minute (ha, that's funny uh) could you please share your fruit of the spirit book you made with Quinn? Caroline is working on memorizing this verse and I'd love a fun activity to go with it. Thanks, and keep the cute pics of the kids coming. Nash is SO precious and I love his sweet smiles!!

Marissa said...

those pictures are just precious! You have a beautiful family :) Looks like big brother is adjusting well!!