Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nash’s Story…Chapter 6: And all before he ever went outside…

Around 4:00, we were wheeled up to our pretty postpartum room! It was there that the celebrating continued. The next few days were full of family, friends and loving on our precious baby love. It truly was amazing that I loved him so much so quickly. Thankfully, I felt great…so the more sweet guests, the merrier. Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 229Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 232Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 234
First was some cuddle time with big brother while I texted news to friends. He was loving watching Wall-E for the first time! Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 236Then, as Jessica took pictures like crazy, we celebrated Nash’s birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” with the soccer cake Mammer made…and by Quinn giving Nash the singing cake that he was so proud of!Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 246Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 243The first guests were Shannon, Cade, Cruse, Pastor Randy and Steve. My hope is that Nash “imprinted” on Everley in her tummy! (a little Twilight humor for you fans out there!) Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 208I’m so thankful that we’re going to get to raise babies together again! Quinn and Cruse are less than 4 months apart…and they’re the cutest little best buddies. Nash and Everley will only be a little over 2 months apart! Sweet friends, again, I’m sure! Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 219 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 221 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 222 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 130
Jessica was so sweet to be there right away too…and to love on Baby Nash…and then take pictures. I’m sure they’re amazing! (despite my ‘puffy, I just had a baby!’ face.) Based on her precious reaction, I’d say she’s ready for another little one ASAP! :) Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 134Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 131  Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 135 Then, Nash’s birthday evening, we had visits from JR and Margie, Brooks, and Brad & Remy. They all loved him so…Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 138 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 139 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 141 And, the next day we had lots of sweet people to show Nash off to…Sweet Kara & Meredith and their precious little ones…check out those too cute boys taking pictures of Nash & me with their mommy’s iphones! Cracked me up!Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 162 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 164 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 165 We also had visits from the Wiebe Family, Lyric, Kathy, Jamiann, Nurse Mary, Alli and the Daggett Family! SO FUN! Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 168 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 170 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 184 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 187 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 191 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 193 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 147 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 154Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 188Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 144Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 173   And, even though Daddy and I got plenty of alone cuddle time with our littlest man, we also got lots of lovin’ from the sweet Big Brother. He came up twice on our second day in the hospital and was such a dream…lovin’ on us and his baby…and playing with all of the amazing Big Brother sussies that people had brought him! …He even brought Mommy some flowers. We love him so…Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 256Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 286 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 261  Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 263 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 265 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 266   Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 262The rest of our time in the hospital was full of checking vitals, calling in room service, chatting with the passionate ladies from lactation, taking pictures, trying to rest, nursing my baby, and enjoying ever first moment with my new little boy. It was all so very surreal and so very perfect!

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