Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nash’s Story...Chapter 1: The Day Before

On Monday, July 5th, Matt, Quinn and I went on a special little PoeFam3 date. We wanted to do some fun things…just the three of us! We started by going to a new, fun little toy store and Quinn chose a cool parachute toy. After buying it, we played with it outside of the store for a good while. It was cute…and watching my two boys play was such a sweet memory. 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 013 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 019  4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 021 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 023 After that, we let Quinn choose where we ate for lunch…and, he picked one of his very favorites…Freebirds! HE LOVES IT! Daddy even made the trip more special by making a Big Brother Quinn and Baby Brother Nash out of foil! 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 026 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 029 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 034 After that, it was on to “ice cream in the wall!”…Quinn’s other favorite! He got Peanut Butter and Strawberry! YUMMY! We really enjoyed our “just the three of us” date. I tried to not get emotional throughout the day…and just loved staring at my precious baby! 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 035 4th of July & day before Nash's birthday 0364th of July & day before Nash's birthday 040 After naps, it was time to go to a fun dinner with all of the grandparents. We ate at BJ’s and then went BACK to “ice cream in the wall!” Hopefully no one noticed the HUGE preggo momma getting ice cream TWICE in one day! :) Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 003 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 004 Then we went to a fun little splash park. It was a GEORGEIOUS evening and, our timid little 3 year old got VERY brave, VERY quickly in the water! I was shocked at how he would put his face in the water and run though all of the fountains. We just oohed and ahhed over him and the fun little “water show” that came at dark. It was truly a perfect and priceless evening. We had so much fun watching him play and have so much fun. Melted our hearts. Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 011 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 023Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 035 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 040 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 044  Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 053 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 054 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 055  Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 059 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 060 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 061 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 050Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 063 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 064
When we were driving home (at almost 10:00), we reminded Quinn that the next day would be his baby brother’s birthday! He acted excited and then said, “I know…he’s just gunna slide right on out!” We never could figure out how he came up with that…but it was hilarious! :)

Quinn went to bed pretty easily…and Matt and I packed for Nash’s big day! When it was finally time to go to bed, I had a HORRIBLE time going to sleep. I was just too anxious and excited! The next day would be my baby’s birthday!!!

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