Wednesday, June 23, 2010

“Precious Cargo” Carrier

On Saturday, June 19th, 2010, my little man got to do something that I always dreamed he would get to do!…He was a RING BEARER! The executive pastor at our church’s daughter got married this past weekend, and Quinn had the honor and privilege of being chosen to fill this special place in her wedding party! For months, we have talked up the importance of this task…watched the “Ring Bear” Little Bill episode 100 times…and have oohed and ahhed over the thought of him wearing a tux. And, despite the fact that I was 2 1/2 weeks from having Quinn’s baby brother…and that my 3 year old has a MIND of his own…it was a precious experience!

When it was “show time,” Mammer & Slickpaw stood at the back of the church with Quinn while Matt and I sat on the front row. He timidly started down the isle…carrying his “Precious Cargo” case”…and then, when he spotted his Daddy and me, the grins were priceless and the waves were too! {Praise Jesus}, he made it to the front…traded his case with the Best Man for a surprise Buzz Lightyear action figure, gave “knuckles” to Ben (the groom), and proudly came over to us to claim his prize that Ben had gotten him…and to show us his NEW Buzz! Sadly, due to me making sure it was all done perfectly, I don’t feel like I truly savored the preciousness of it all, but I know that it was darling.

Apparently the crowd went nuts when he started his voyage down the isle…and I can only hope that the wedding photographers captured his cuteness! :)...And, on his way out, he flew Buzz down the entire isle…we’ll take what we can get, right!? ha.

I must admit that, by the end of the reception, I was EXHAUSTED! Being in a wedding is SO tiring…but having a little guy in it might be EVEN more so! But, despite 2 nights of almost midnight bedtimes, and enough bribes to last a year, HE DID IT! And, he was darling! I was so thankful for the experience with my sweet first born…and am so happy for Ben & Stacy!!! It was a beautiful event…and we can’t wait to watch them as they live “Happily Ever After!” 
1Ring Bearer Quinn 007 1Ring Bearer Quinn 009 1Ring Bearer Quinn 011 1Ring Bearer Quinn 014 1Ring Bearer Quinn 015 1Ring Bearer Quinn 023 31Ring Bearer Quinn 024 1Ring Bearer Quinn 0271Ring Bearer Quinn 031 1Ring Bearer Quinn 034 1Ring Bearer Quinn 0351Ring Bearer Quinn 037

  Dancing at the reception…1Ring Bearer Quinn 043 1Ring Bearer Quinn 044 1Ring Bearer Quinn 047
The beautiful bride…1Ring Bearer Quinn 0491Ring Bearer Quinn 048  1Ring Bearer Quinn 050
Sweet Kaylynn…1Ring Bearer Quinn 052 The best we could get with our little star…and, these pictures included more bribes…1Ring Bearer Quinn 054 1Ring Bearer Quinn 057  1Ring Bearer Quinn 067 1Ring Bearer Quinn 068 1Ring Bearer Quinn 071


Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...

Precious! Bryson is going to be the ring bearer in my brother's wedding in July! More than a little nervous. Best wishes on your new little addition to the family!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Quinn is so adorable!

I love the "Precious Cargo" case. My son is the ring bearer in my sister's wedding on July 3rd...I can only hope that he does as well as Quinn. We might have to work in some bribes as an extra incentive. I will have to download the Little Bill episode too.

Erin said...

Such adorable pictures! My son (2 1/2) was just a ring bearer and he wore his tux with the same Chuck Taylor's ... they are very stylish :)